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12 November 2015
Bhushit Joshi Trek to Takmak Fort
This was truly a rejuvenating and refreshing experience for me and my family. This fort is Surrounded by a dense forest, the Takmak Fort offers splendid views.
12 December 2015
This was the ideal fun and luxury stay after a long time here near nature with friends and cousins. This was the perfect getaway that I wanted, to be immersed in the different activities that will take one to a whole new world. True, this was a whole new pollution free beautiful world in this place. This was a space to gather a strong community of like-minded people share warm stories, and imbibe the values of an organic lifestyle. We also got to cool off at the several waterfalls close by, and we also did some reading and a bit of snoozing amidst pristine woods. Yes, you might think that these are things that happen in novels. But no, these can be real too. I had a great time here, and I am sure that most of you guys would too. By the evening, we dropped by at the charming local markets, and the Jawahar Palace, at close proximity to this truly soulful retreat to do some amazing shopping. It was a nice experience. Coming to the stay aspect, the food was good, and the rooms were clean. The bathrooms were well maintained too. This is what one looks in a trip primarily.
23 January 2016
Eekalabya Devar Trek to Takmak Fort
This is one of those treks you always thought about! The green and serene valleys with the views of two river bodies flowing through them was a sight that I just cannot forget. Thanks to you guys for facilitating this trek. Please go here if you ever feel like the concrete jungles are getting too much to bear!
27 December 2015
We availed the monsoon masti package and had a blast here as the place alone is really calm and serene and the activities they had in store for us. Took part in rope climbing, zip lining, commando crossing and several other gruelling sports here.
04 October 2015
Had loadsa fun! Me and my friends were chitchatting and blabbering throughout the way! :D Might have irritates some, but we were just so excited and happy with the whole organisation that we were expressing it throughout the way!
Interesting beach camp side experience near Palghar the destination was really good. The local operator did a very great job as the camp look amazing with a great arrangement of the amazing tents, facilities, and the staff. That day the crowd was there we had a little problem with the other group but the staff was very nice which handle and manage it in real-time but that not that serious, later that we all together had a great camping experience.
It was indeed a good-tour for me and my cousins we had amazing-camping in which we really don't want to end it because everything was so perfect. The arrangement was up to the mark, the place was just great all families, friends, couples everybody enjoyed this camping. It was really a good one you must try this at least once
All in all, it was nice!!! We had an awesome 2 days and 1-night camping everything was very well-pleased. I was impressed with this tour. I have no words to express more but really it was a very good experience.
The itinerary was very satisfying, the staff was very nice, very well- organized, the whole trip made me feel valuable.
Amazing camping near the beach the views were spectacular and the experience in this camping was really great and special.

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