Things to Do in Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule Beach

Among the most popular places to visit in Ganpatipule, the stunning beach is the major attraction for tourists. Lined by verdant green palm trees and mangroves and washed by the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, the unspoiled beach presents a mesmerizing panorama. Travellers flock to the beach all year round to enjoy a quiet time away from the bustle of the city.

In monsoons, the rain-washed beach and the roaring sea waves are sure to enchant you. The fresh sea breeze blowing in the balmy summer evenings will refresh your body and mind. In the mild winters, this destination becomes the hotspot for exhilarating adventure sports.

Families can bond over laidback beach games, and couples can enjoy intimate moments in the delightful backdrop of the sun and the sea. Regardless of your age and preference, Ganpatipule Beach will captivate you.

Location: 37 km from Mumbai, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra.

Timings: All-day.

Swayambhu Ganpati Temple

The town is known as Ganpatipule because Ganpati, the lord of the masses, resides on the fine white sand called ‘pule’ in the famous Swayambhu Ganpati Temple here. This temple is the principal attraction among the places to visit in Ganpatipule.

Thousands of pilgrims pay homage to the naturally-created idol of Lord Ganesha, which is believed to be self-incarnate. Unlike other Hindu temples, the deity here faces the west, and is considered one of the Paschim Dwar Devatas or gods who guard the west.

The sanctum of the shrine remains alluringly illuminated by the golden rays of the sun. Pradakshina or perambulations of the hill on top of which the temple is built are considered sacred. The town reverberates with the enchanting beats of drums when prayers are offered to the deity every morning and evening, which creates a deeply spiritual ambience.

Location: 1km from Ganpatipule bus stand.

Timing: Daily 5:00am-9:00pm.

Jaigad Lighthouse

Situated in one of the western bastions of the Jaigad Fort, the Jaigad Lighthouse is an ancient engineering marvel and a must-visit among the prominent tourist places in Ganpatipule. A British army officer named John Oswald constructed the tower in 1832.

Although it looks like a structure of brick and concrete, it is actually made of cast iron and steel. The casting and rivets are worth studying. A jetty port is located nearby and the lighthouse, newly fitted with LED lights, guards ships sailing between Ratnagiri and Dabhol.

The climb to the summit is worthwhile as the structure is built atop a hill and offers a gorgeous 360-degree view of the bay and the open sea. It is a quiet, peaceful place where the forceful sea wind caresses your face, making you feel revitalized.

Location: Jaigad Fort.

Timings: 4:00pm - 5:00pm, closed on Sundays.

Entry fee: Rs. 10/- per head.

Konkan Museum

This extraordinary open-air museum is spread over three acres and exhibits models harking back to the bygone days of the Konkani culture. Inside the museum, you will be taken on a tour of a replica of an ancient Konkani settlement.

You can view life-size sculptures made of clay and wood, depicting people going about their day-to-day chores, along with their traditional household items and tools of their trade. With expert and riveting narration, the knowledgeable guides bring to life the ancient lifestyle of the Konkan coast, making the tour an engaging and informative experience. They cheerfully answer your queries and help you understand different aspects of the old way of life. If the exhaustive tour leaves you hungry, you can satisfy your appetite in the in-house restaurant.

Location: 600 m from the Ganpatipule Bus Stand.

Timings: 8.30 am to 6 pm.

Entry fee: Rs. 40/- per adult along with one guide.

Aare Ware Beach

Renowned as one of the best beaches of the Konkan coast, Aare and Ware are two separate beaches that are secluded and mostly untouched. If you are looking for solitude and peace, head out to this isolated area far away from industrialization.

There is no sewage or waste drainage in this part of the sea. Covered with smooth, golden sand, the beach offers magnificent views of the sunset over the azure waters of the Arabian Sea. You can enjoy an impressive view from the nearby Aare Ware point located on the peak of a hill.

Even the drive to the beach down Aare Ware road is fabulous because it is carved on the Western Ghats and runs along the sea. Thus, the journey provides an exotic panorama of the Konkan coastline as well as the majestic hills.

Location: 9 km from Ganpatipule Bus Stand, near Nevare village, Maharashtra.

Bhandarpule Beach

Burrowed cosily in between two hillocks, Bhandarpule Beach is one of the most stunning places to visit in Ganpatipule. The hypnotic shoreline is dotted with Suru and casuarinas trees offering an arresting contrast of luscious green to the crystal-clear cerulean hues of the Arabian Sea. The sea here is choppy, unsuitable for swimming or any other water activity. Thus this beach is still not exploited by profit-oriented commercial activities.

Therefore, it is less crowded than the beach at Ganpatipule, and this sandy coast is ideal for people seeking serenity and calm. You will love to spend some laidback moments here soaking up the sun, allowing the cool waters to wash over your feet as you take a stroll over on the soft sand. You can also enjoy the regional delicacies like Konkani Thali with solkadi in the local restaurants.

Location: 3.5 km from Ganpatipule Bus Stand.

Guhagar Beach

One of the longest beaches on the Konkan coast, Guhagar Beach stretches over 6 km and counts among the most attractive places to visit in Ganpatipule. The sands here are among the cleanest and least polluted among the shorelines of Maharashtra. You can approach Guhagar via Jaigad and enjoy a ferry ride over 2.5 km on Jaigad creek.

Although there are no opportunities for water sports or boating, the tranquil waters are perfect for swimming and the sun-kissed seashore is ideal for sunbathing. A large play area with swings, seesaws and slides as well as camel rides on the beach present excellent entertainment for the children. Numerous food stalls on the shoreline offer lip-smacking food and refreshing coconut water. The flea market on the beach provides regional handicrafts. It is the perfect picnic spot for a day out with your family.

Location: 79 km from Ganpatipule, 200 m from Guhagar Bus Stand.

Jai Vinayak Temple

Dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Ganesha, this temple is one of the newly constructed tourist places in Ganpatipule. Built in 2003 by JSW Energy Ltd. of the Jindal Group the temple is locally known as Jindal Ganpati. It is surrounded by an immaculately maintained flower garden and offers a peaceful and relaxing ambience for the visitors.

The construction reflects the Buddhist style and has a three-tiered pagoda-like architecture. A brass Ganesha sculpture is the principal idol, the serene expression on which invokes spiritual bliss. Inside the temple, there is a fishpond and a representation of Mushik considered as Lord Ganesha’s ‘vahana’ or vehicle. A bronze-coated majestic statue of Lord Hanuman stands 6-feet high inside the premises. This place of worship is brilliantly illuminated in the evening, creating a divine atmosphere.

Location: 13km from Ganpatipule, 13km from Jaigad Fort, near Kachare Village.

Timings: Daily 5:30am - 12:30 pm, 5:00pm - 9:50pm.

Hedvi Ganesh Temple

This exceptional Lakshmi-Ganesh temple is one of the unique places to visit in Ganpatipule because the principal deity is extremely uncommon. The 3-feet tall idol has ten arms and hence is named as ‘Dashbhuja Ganpati’, where ‘Das’ means ten and ‘Bhuj’ means hand. This symbolic representation of warrior Lord Ganesha is extremely rare.

According to local legends, the idol was constructed during the Peshwa dynasty with white marble brought from Kashmir. From Shukla Chaturthi to Shashthi during the month of Magh in the Hindu calendar, there is an outstanding celebration of the birth of Lord Ganesha, with a glorious procession.

About 3 km from the temple rests the incredible black sand bay in between the white sand beaches of Ganpatipule and Guahagar. This small stretch of shoreline is rocky and not fit for swimming.

Location: 31.5km from Ganpatipule, Hedvi Village, Velneshwar, Maharashtra.

Timing: Daily 6:00am - 12noon, 1:30pm - 7:00pm.

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Ganpatipule Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Ganpatipule?

1. Paragliding: This adventurous activity can give you the thrill that you need to isolate yourself from the city life. The picturesque beauty and the adrenaline rush make the activity more popular.

2. Water sports: The numerous beaches of Ganpatipule provide an excellent opportunity to indulge in the various water sports that are available. Row-boating, banana boating, and motorboats are some of the interesting adventure sports that you can indulge in. 

3. Visit the Ganpati Temple: This temple gives Ganpatipule its name and is believed to be almost 400 years old. The main attraction is the idol of Ganpati that is believed to be built naturally with white sand. 

4. Take a stroll among the beaches: The serenity and the tranquility of the beaches will give you inner satisfaction. The gentle breeze and the sound of the ocean exude a calming effect. 

5. Visit the Jaigad Lighthouse: Located on the peak of a hill and close to the Jaigad Fort makes this lighthouse immensely popular. The view around this place will mesmerize you completely.

6. Explore Malgund: Renowned for being the native place of Kavi Keshavsoot, who was an acclaimed Marathi poet, this small village will aid you in appreciating the rustic beauty of nature.

What are the romantic things to do in Ganpatipule?

1. Darya Sarang Resort: Located on the beachfront of Malgund, this resort stresses on the Konkan culture and offers you an amazing experience. You can easily avail of the water sports or simply spend some time in isolation with your partner.  

2. Atithi Pranay Resort: This resort aims to make you feel at home with the cozy ambiance and the warm reception. It also offers bird watching, provided that you bring your own binoculars along with the view of nature around.  

3. Chaitanya Resort: Within the close proximity of tranquility and the rustic village charm, this resort offers camel and boat rides. It is the perfect opportunity to make some new memories with your partner. 

4. Konkan Nest: Proudly displaying the ancient Marathi culture and the Konkan architecture, this resort provides a mesh of luxury and serenity. With activities like bird watching, river swimming, jungle safari, etc. you can easily explore the nature around.

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