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About Dausa

Dausa also known by the name Devanagari is a city located in the Dausa district of Rajasthan. It is situated approximately 55km away from the main city of Jaipur and serves as the administrative headquarters of the Dausa district. Dausa is such a popular holiday destination that most visitors usually include this place in their tourism package while visiting Rajasthan.

The city of Dausa has much legend and history lying behind it. Several stories even go on to explain how during the 10th century AD, well-known rulers such as the Chouhans and Badgurjars while ruling over Rajasthan, claimed Dausa as the first capital of the state. Dausa clearly held much political importance at that time and it still holds the same position even today.

One of the best parts about Dausa is that the city is surrounded by Mahadev from all give directions namely Nilkanth, Sahajnath, Somnath, Baijnath and Gupteshwar. One of the major reasons why the place is also known by the word ‘Dhau and Sa’ is due to this situation. ‘Dhau and Sa’ literally translates to Swarg meaning heaven and Sa meaning Sundar.

The place is well known for many popular activities. The culture is typical to Rajasthan and one will have the chance to experience an authentic rural life as well. There are several high-end hotels, resorts and restaurants that will not fail to fulfil your primary requirements of great comfort and good food. As far as convenience is concerned, it is well taken care of since the city is well connected with an abundance of local transport at hand. Moreover, the people belonging to this city are known for their friendly nature and simplicity – all of which will win your heart over.

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Dausa FAQ's

Travel Advice:

  • Beware of who you are hiring or whose service you are planning on using: Travellers must remain aware of who they are hiring as guides. Past experiences have led many to be involved in a scam wherein either their property was stolen or the services were overpriced. This can really trample one’s travel experience. Hence, it is essential that one plans well and one plans well ahead of time.

  • Be cautious at all times: Yes, you have come to the city with hopes of enjoying your holiday. However, it is always better to be well prepared for all circumstances rather than feeling sorry or regretting it later. Keep an eye out for pick-pockets. These disguise themselves as normal individuals just strolling across the town but they are the most dangerous. Keep yourself and your property well protected.

  • Expect power cuts, slow life: Dausa holds great traditional relevance. However, it is not as developed as India’s ultra-modern cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. It remains backward in certain aspects. Chances are, you might experience powercuts during some period of the day. It is usually between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. So be prepared.

  • Remain hydrated: Dausa is rather hot on most of the days. The heat is sticky and stifling. It is thus, crucial to consume plenty of water for the well-being of your body. Ensure that you drink more than you sweat and one of the most important things is to carry bottled water around. Not only is it convenient but also quite for your journey throughout the way.

  • Drinking laws: As far as drinking laws are concerned, alcohol in Dausa is forbidden within city limits. A Do-it-yourself solution would be to travel out of the city yourself and purchasing alcohol yourself. Moreover, if you are smart enough – you’d be able to figure out a way to make this work in your favour without causing inconvenience to others.

Things to do in Dausa:

  • The traditional folk music and dance: Rajasthan is a state filled with great, illuminating colours that come in form of numerous activities, songs, dances, food, clothings and festivals. Similarly, Dausa is known for its traditional, folk art of Hela-Khayal. The dance form is quite unique and it is usually coupled with traditional singing that makes the experience next to perfect. There are several organizations that take charge of planning Hela-Khayal sessions especially for interested tourists around the city. Don’t miss it due to any reason.

  • Go on an exciting camel safari in Dausa: What better way of exploring the rich sandiness of Rajasthan by sitting atop of an Indian camel. There are numerous camel tours planned to suit the needs and interests of the visitors. These take you through the villages and primary locations in and around Dausa.

  • Explore the stone carvings in the city: Dausa like mentioned previously was once ruled by rulers of great descent. Thus, their cultures, styles and traditions do somehow exist in forms of structures and carvings around the city. Be sure to explore the city’s major attraction – the beautiful stone carvings in Dausa.

What will you like in Dausa:

  • The Basant Panchmi Mela: The Basant Panchmi Mela takes place in the local market of Dausa almost every once in a while. This is done with the intention to worship Raghunathji, Narshingji and Lord Surya. You will observe the mela filled with colours and luminosity all throughout the occasion. It sure is one of those must-have experiences in Dausa.

  • Shopping in Dausa’s local market: You must not, at any cost miss at least one shopping session at the Dausa market. The market offers a blend of ethnic, traditional and hippie culture and there is a lot to shop for. Clothings, leather bags, herbal products, jewellery and so much more at price that is quite affordable by most.

  • Play Dolchi Holi: Holi is one of the many festivals celebrated all throughout India wherein people celebrate by indulging in joy and happiness and colouring each other with water and powdered colours. Bring a change in your tourism plan and celebrate holi with the Dausa locals for once. You will realize just how truly beautiful life can get.

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