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About Darbhanga
Lying on the eastern bank of River Bagmati, in northern Bihar, Darbhanga happens to be the 6th largest city of the state. Darbhanga consists of two words, namely Dar and Bhanga, translating to the ‘Gateway of Bengal’. The city is considered to be the headquarters of the Darbhanga district and the capital of the region of Mithila. Referred to as the “Cultural Capital of Bihar'', Darbhanga is home to many renowned personalities of the country, including Bollywood actors, political figures, and poets.

The beauty of the city of Darbhanga is perfectly described by its majestic historical remains, which take the architectural charm of the city to the next level. The elegant palaces, diverse traditions, and rich art and music add a mystic charm to the city, which leaves every traveler to astound and spellbound.  

The city of Darbhanga lies at a distance of 139.7 KM from Patna

Historical Facts:
The city of Darbhanga is connected to the richest landowners of the country, the Darbhanga Royal Family.
This place is known for its art, which many people have learned and are learning, the Madhubani Art

Places to Visit:
One of the important places to visit in Darbhanga is the famous Darbhanga Fort, which lies in the Rambagh Palace. 
The city of Darbhanga is also home to many intriguing museums, including the Chandradhari Museum and the Maharajadhiraja Lakshmeshwar Singh Museum. 
Other renowned heritage attractions of Darbhanga that have attracted the world to the city, include the Nargona Palace, Anand Bagh Palace, Shyama Mai Temple, and Kusheshwar Asthan Shiv Temple.

Activities to Do:
You can spend time in Darbhanga, taking a walk through history at the various age-old museums of the city. You can also marvel at the majestic Darbhanga Fort. 
You can also pay homage at the various ancient Hindu temples. 
You can even watch folk dance and enjoy Dhrupad music. Also, go shopping for the Madhubani paintings and various souvenirs at the colorful and bustling local markets, including Pahee Market, Tower Chowk Market, Masraf Bazaar, and Tara Market. 
You can even try local delicacies including Thekua and Makhane ki Kheer. 

Best Time to Visit:
Darbhanga experiences a humid subtropical climate. The most ideal time for visiting this city is between the months of September and March
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