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About Churu
Known as the “Gateway to the Thar Desert,” Churu is a small city that lies in the Jangladesh region of northern Rajasthan, and shares its boundaries with other offbeat cities of the desert state. Located a little over 200 kilometres from the city of Jaipur, it also serves as the linking route of many important cities of Rajasthan, and is a perfect offbeat getaway spot for a relaxing holiday, complete with golden sand dunes, historical architecture and a tranquil ambience.

Churu is the land of camels, opulent structures, havelis, rich culture, heritage and vibrant colours. The traditional lifestyle along with the friendly and welcoming locals add to the charm of this small city. Filled with grand havelis dating back hundreds of years, each one grander than the other, colourful temples, delicious food and the glistening sands of the desert, Churu has its own uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else.

Steeped in traditional Rajasthani culture, the city of Churu has a soulful essence that will draw your attention as soon as you enter its limits. The city, although smaller when compared to Jaipur, Jodhpur and others, exhibits a beautiful blend of the traditional culture of the land with its love for vivid and bright colours. The world famous Salasar Dham, home of Salasar Balaji Maharaj, the Gayatri Shaktipeeth, the Tal Chhapar Sanctuary, and more are all located within the confines of this historical city.

Besides that, there are several activities that you can enjoy when visiting Churu. From visiting temples to enjoying a camel safari in the desert, or even camping under the stars, Churu is a place that will definitely help in irking your relaxed self. In addition to all this, you can also explore the narrow lanes of the city while enjoying its vibrant spice and handicraft markets, or indulging in the delicious local food here.

Churu is the coldest spot in all of Rajasthan, and enjoys a hot, semi-arid climate where the summers are hot and the winters comparatively colder. The best time therefore, to visit Churu, would be between the colder months of November to February or early March. The average temperatures during the day in these months vary between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius, while they can sometimes fall below freezing points during the night.
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Churu FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in Churu?

1. Churu Fort: Constructed by Thakur Kishal Singh in the mid-1600s, Churu Fort lies as a magnificent reminder of the times of the erstwhile Maharajas. This is the fort in whose defence cannon balls made of silver were fired by Thakur Shiv Singh to attain victory over his enemies.

Known for its grand and beautiful chhatris, or domes, the fort now lies in ruins, with its base buried completely by windblown sand. The interiors of the fort are covered with murals, all dating back to the early European era.

Location: Agunaa Mohalla, Churu, Rajasthan 331001.
Timing: Open 24 hours.

2. Kothari and Surana Haveli: 
The havelis of the Kothari and Surana families, who were Oswal Jain merchants, are some of the most beautiful havelis in Churu, if not in all of Rajasthan. Both of these havelis are grand, complete with beautiful fresco paintings, stunning architecture, opulent chhatris and hundreds of small windows.

Location: Churu, Rajasthan 331001.
Timing: Open 24 hours.

3. Sethani Ka Jalora: 
Located 3 kilometres from the town of Ratangarh, Sethani ka Johara, also known as Sethani ka Johda, is a water reservoir. It was built in 1956 by the widow of Bhagwan Das Bagla, when the region was facing a terrible famine.

And it was this reservoir, which went on to help the people with water. Although it was earlier built as a research project, Sethani ka Johara today attracts a lot of migratory birds and animals, such as the rare Nilgai.

Location: Churu, Rajasthan 331001.
Timing: Open 24 hours.

4. Salasar Balaji: 
Also known as Salasar Dham, this is a temple located in the Salasar town in Churu. Dedicated to Lord Balaji, an incarnation of Lord Hanuman, this is one of the most famous temples in the region, and attracts thousands of devotees from all over the world throughout the year. Constructed in 1754, this temple is now considered as a Shakti Sthal, or a place of power, where all wishes are said to come true.

Location: Salasar - Sikar Rd, Salasar, Rajasthan 331506.
Timing: 04:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

5. Tal Chappar Sanctuary: 
Spread across a whopping 719 hectares, the Tal Chappar Sanctuary is a beautiful piece of land which was declared reserved in the year 1962. Boasting of a unique ecosystem, this sanctuary is mostly covered with thick, dense grass.

The land is also home to many migratory birds, who stay here for a while, making it popular amongst bird watchers. On rare occasions, you can also catch a glimpse of the rare endangered Black Buck, Jungle Cat, Foxes, Rojra, and other animals.

Location: Opposite karni temple, Chhapar, Rajasthan 331502.
Timing: 05:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.
Entry fee: INR 20 per person.

What are the best things to do in Churu?

1. Go on a Cmael ride: Camels are the ship of the desert, and a camel ride is one of the most enjoyable things to do on a trip to Churu. You can also go on a desert safari whilst sitting on the back of a camel as the sun goes down spreading colourful hues in the sky.

Location: Churu, Rajasthan 331001.

2. Enjoy the Gogaji Maharaj fair: 
If you are visiting Churu during the Bhadra month in the Hindu calendar, between August to October, you can attend the Gogaji Maharaj Fair.

This is a grand fair held at his birthplace, where thousands of devotees from all over India gather to pay homage to the deity. From delicious local dishes, handicrafts, and more, you can find a lot in this fair which lasts for up to three days.

Location: Churu, Rajasthan 331001.

3. Catch a sunrise at Tal Chappar Sanctuary: 
Whilst on your holiday, wake up early and visit this reservoir to catch a mesmerising and orange-hued sunrise, with the rays of the sun spreading throughout, and creating a serene ambience. And if you are lucky enough, along with a stunning sunrise, you can also catch a glimpse of one of the many rare and exotic wildlife and bird species here.

Location: Opposite karni temple, Chhapar, Rajasthan 331502.
Timing: 05:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.
Price: INR 20 per person.

4. Take a walking tour of Churu: 
Avail one of the walking tour packages of Churu, where you get to mingle with locals, learn the culture and cooking of Rajasthan, and even try your hand at pottery. And while doing so, you can see hundreds of old havelis, exuding beauty, with their paintings and frescoes, and grand chhatris.

Appreciate the antique designs of the doors of these havelis, while being mesmerised by the simple yet stunning details on them. You can also learn the art of Bandhani or bandhej, block printing, miniature wood carving, lacquer bangle making and silver jewellery making on this tour.

Location: Churu, Rajasthan 331001.

Why is Churu famous?

Known as the “Gateway to Thar Desert,” Churu is famous for being a part of the historically significant Shekhawati region in northern Rajasthan.

It is famous for its grand and unique architecture, which includes the opulent havelis, forts and palaces, belonging to the erstwhile Maharajas like Kanhaiya Lal Bagla and others. One of the major attractions of this city is the Churu Fort, which dates back to about 500 years, lying right in its centre.

How to reach Churu?

Churu is well connected to the rest of the country by both roadways as well as railways. Trains from major cities of India arrive and depart from Churu on a regular basis. Moreover, one can avail both private and state bus services, especially the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation, to reach Churu without any difficulty.

While there is no direct flight connectivity to Churu, one can take a flight to the Jaipur International Airport, which is located around 218 kilometres away from Churu, and is the closest airport available near this historic city.

What is the best time to visit Churu?

The best time to visit Churu is in the winter months, between November to February. This is when the weather here is quite cool and pleasant during the days, making it easy for you to enjoy sightseeing and other activities. Nights during this time are comparatively colder, which is great if you wish to enjoy camping under the stars in the desert.

How far is Churu from Jaipur?

Churu is located approximately 205 kilometres from the Pink City. This distance can be easily covered both by road or railways.

How can I reach Churu from Jaipur?

Churu is located at a distance of 205 kilometres from the city of Jaipur. This distance can be covered in 3 to 5 hours by road, and in around 8 to 9 hours by train.

Churu is well connected to Jaipur by various national highways. RSRTC as well as private buses, private taxis and rental cars operate between the two cities on a daily basis. To reach Churu from Jaipur by train, you can avail one of the many regular trains running from the Jaipur Railway Station to the Churu Junction.

What is the famous food of Churu?

Having influences of Rajput as well as the Mughals, the city is known for its array of vegetarian dishes, such as sabzis, dals, sweets as well as the locally prepared Rajasthani Bhujia. Some of the famous foods here are:

- Ker sangri Ki sabzi
- Gatte ki sabzi
- Khata
- Mangodi
- Rabdi
- Khichdi.

Can we do Camel safari in Churu?

Yes, you can do camel safari in Churu. This city is a great place to enjoy an amazing desert camel safari in Rajasthan.

What to buy in Churu?

 - Locally Made Pickles
- Local Handicrafts
- Tie And Dye Fabrics
- Sandalwood Items
- Furniture
- Woollen Items
- Millet
- Pottery.

What are the famous temples to visit in Churu?

1. Salasar balaji Temple: Located in the Salasar town in Churu, this is one of the most important temples for Hindus. Popularly known as Salasar Dham, this temple is quite ancient, and is home to a statue of Lord Balaji, the incarnation of Lord Hanuman.

2. Babosa Dham: 
Another one of the incarnations of Lord Balaji or Lord Hanuman, the temple of Lord Babosa is thronged by tourists all year round. Millions of people from around the globe visit this temple with the belief that their wishes will be granted here.

3. Shri Shantinath Bhagwan Mandir: 
Dedicated to the Jains, this temple is known for its immense beauty and grand architecture. One of the biggest attractions here are the murals, colourful paintings and glasswork on the walls.

4. Gayatri Shaktipeeth: 
Dedicated to Goddess Gayatri, an incarnation to Goddess Saraswati, Gayatri Shaktipeeth is one of the most religiously significant temples in Churu. All kinds of tourists and religious people visit the temple to offer their prayers to Goddess Gayatri.

What are the best places to stay in Churu?

1. Malji ka Kamra: One of the best places to stay in Churu, Malji Ka Kamra is a Tuscan style hotel in the city. Home to a restaurant, bar, lounge and even a rooftop terrace, this property offers 12 air-conditioned rooms to its guests. All of the rooms are equipped with top notch amenities and facilities for a comfortable stay.

2. Bhawani Kothi: 
Another great stay in Churu, the Bhawani Kothi is a garden resort hotel, great for all kinds of tourists. It is one of the best places to indulge in authentic Rajasthani cuisine in Churu.

3. The Grand Shekhawati: 
One of the most luxurious hotels in Churu, The Grand Shekhawati is famous for its grandeur, elegance and opulence. Complete with best in class amenities, and all the basic facilities you would need for a memorable holiday, all the rooms here have a balcony, offering stunning views of the surrounding desert and landscapes.

4. Hotel Natraj: 
This budget hotel in Churu has made a name for itself for offering comfortable service, great hospitality and delicious food. With all the basic amenities required for a comfortable stay in the city, this hotel is also located in close proximity to some of the major attractions in Churu.

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