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Nanda Devi Peak

As one of the highest hill stations in India, Auli is located in the shadow of many other tall and towering peaks that give it the characteristic look of a snowy hill station. One such peak amongst them is the Nanda Devi. The name of the peak itself stands for bless giving Goddess and it is this very meaning that you will see in its greatest measure as you catch a sight of its towering peaks from Auli. The Nanda Devi National Park that surrounds the peak is also a place where you can explore and discover a stirring range of flora and fauna and biodiversity. 

This is characterized by mostly mountainous fowl, tall trees of oak, deodar, pine, conifer, rhododendron and many others. It is this very variety and diversity which has led to it becoming a part of the World UNESCO Heritage sight. The seconds highest mountain in India, Nanda Devi towers to an elevation of 7,817m and the very view of it is humbling.

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Traveller Tales from Chamoli


Vidhya Kapoor

23 March 2016

As I close my eyes, I can vividly recall the moment when I reached the peak after a long trek full of patience. There were tears of joy. I’m truly blessed. Incredible India!

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Achyut Tandon

18 February 2015

What a trip man! New thrill, new challenges in every step. The trek to Kuari pass and Pangarchula peak in Auli was like one of those long roller coaster rides when you can actually feel the blood rushi


Dayaanidhi Devar

11 June 2015

Kuari Pass & Pangarchula treks are the best treks that could be taken by anyone. They are perfect and awesome. The trip that last about six days is one of the best trips in this budget. If you are in H...

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Sumitra Nehru

22 December 2014

I had no idea what I was missing till I decided to book for my Kuari pass trek after spending a couple of weeks at Rishikesh and Hardwar. Luckily the sky was clear with bright sunshine, the terrain not...

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Brahmdev Somayaji

05 December 2015

The trek was not too strenuous, suitable for slightly older people like me. Felt a little stiff every now and then, but the trek leader was very cooperative and would slow down to give me a few minutes

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Chandrabhan Gupta

13 June 2015

The seven days that I spent in this picturesque Kuari pass route will be etched in my mind forever. Coming back very soon, perhaps within a year. Felt the sheer bliss of heaven on earth!

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Vasudev Sethi

19 June 2015

It was truly an amazing experience and we fell in love with this beautiful place. This trip offered enough challenge and loads of photos opportunity with panoramic views. The pangatchulla peak is a bea...


Bhaaswar Chaturvedi

05 April 2015

Oh! What a surreal, beautiful landscape to feast your eyes on! Mother Nature seems to have truly blessed this place with her endless bounties. How I wish I could resign from my boring job, leave everyt...


Preity Sinha

06 September 2015

was never much of an adventure person. Mostly spend my time in lazing around. This Kuari pass trek literally kept me on my toes. Never realized I could be so physically active! Enjoyed a lot.

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