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Nanda Devi Peak

As one of the highest hill stations in India, Auli is located in the shadow of many other tall and towering peaks that give it the characteristic look of a snowy hill station. One such peak amongst them is the Nanda Devi. The name of the peak itself stands for bless giving Goddess and it is this very meaning that you will see in its greatest measure as you catch a sight of its towering peaks from Auli. The Nanda Devi National Park that surrounds the peak is also a place where you can explore and discover a stirring range of flora and fauna and biodiversity. 

This is characterized by mostly mountainous fowl, tall trees of oak, deodar, pine, conifer, rhododendron and many others. It is this very variety and diversity which has led to it becoming a part of the World UNESCO Heritage sight. The seconds highest mountain in India, Nanda Devi towers to an elevation of 7,817m and the very view of it is humbling.

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Traveller Tales from Chamoli


Chandan Somayaji

19 November 2015

Many Many thanks to our tour guide whole instriction made this long trip possible. i miss my camping moments at bhagwabasa and ali bugyal... i was so relaxed there... magnificient mountain views followed me everywhere but when we reached roopkund, the peaks were damn beautiful....the roopkund lake was frozen too. one of the best ever experience of my life.

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Aaratrika Singh

16 March 2015

Wow! I am just awestruck from the beauty of the trek still. The trek was so poignant and beautiful that it left me speechless for so long. This trek is a perfect amalgamation of fun, beauty, and thrill. To start with 8000-16000ft of hiking and trekking the snow-capped mountains was super thrilling; it was just the best experience ever. Then, the gurgling brooks nearby just was fun and fascinating. To finish it up the beauty of surroundings especially the snow filled places was sheer brilliance. If you have not taken this trek in your life, you are missing something great. This is must trip for everyone who is in to or who is interested in trekking. I totally loved this trek; what’s more the trek is quite inexpensive too.

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Jyotis Ganaka

04 August 2013

One of the best things that the British gave us is this chanced discovery on a lost path called the Valley of Flowers. This was discovered by the British traveller Frank Smith in the early 1930s. I read his book titled Valley of Flowers. It quite created something inside me. I being a nature lover, this made me feel so nice, and I ended up taking this trek. The Valley Of Flowers Trekking is one of the most sought after and the best treks to take ever.

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Tanushri Pothuvaal

08 January 2016

Those 8 days of Roopkund was the best days of life. The place was like a complete movie set to me. i had seen such place in movies only.

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Lakshmi Dubashi

22 October 2015

Wooo! what an amazing trip it was!!Thanks to the tour guide who explained all about the mysterious Roopkund lake. It was an amazing adventure to trek this huge mountains though it was tiring the spirit of the mountain kept us going and going. But after one point when I got fully immersed in the beauty of the lakes and mountain I forgot who I was , what I am doing? All I knew was that I have to trek all the way. That's the beauty of mountains.

  • Roopkund_trek_-_a_complete_expedition_documentary_294.jpg
  • Roopkund_trek_-_a_complete_expedition_documentary_791.jpg

Vidhya Kapoor

23 March 2016

As I close my eyes, I can vividly recall the moment when I reached the peak after a long trek full of patience. There were tears of joy. I’m truly blessed. Incredible India!

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21 July 2015

Valley of Flowers is in full bloom from mid August to Early September. So when I arrived Ghangharia on 18th August I was told that the valley needs at leaset two visits interspread with a visit to Hemkund. I have been there at a very early age and the vibrant colours still ring a bell in my mind. The old route was washed away by flash floods of 2013 so the army has bought up another route ( quiet steep at times ) and mended the bridges over Pushpavati River. The walk from Ghangharia to the gate of the valley is itself mesmerising. There are hundreds of different types of flowers on way which makes ones jaw drop. Such is the riot of colours in this route that you keep asking yourself what new will confront you in the valley. The walk from the valley gateway to Mary's grave opens up to a huge number of unknown flowers and orchids. My guide Sanjay Sathi religiously noted me the names of each flowers encountered. The towering Rathovan over the valley is also a treat to watch.


Achyut Tandon

18 February 2015

What a trip man! New thrill, new challenges in every step. The trek to Kuari pass and Pangarchula peak in Auli was like one of those long roller coaster rides when you can actually feel the blood rushing through your veins.


Deb Abbott

11 October 2015

Long 8 days trekking in roopkund was an amazing experience for us.Our group adventure turned out to be best and most memorable tripis my life.

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