Wat Banan Temple, Battambang Province - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

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About Wat Banan Temple

This is a hill temple in the second largest city of Cambodia, dedicated to Lord Buddha. Though it is not clearly visible as to who constructed this temple and when it was constructed, there are enough evidences and architectural remnants to prove that this must have been built many centuries ago.

 Highlights – Wat Banan Temple is located on top of a hill and it takes around 300 steep and difficult set of stairs to get to this temple. There are five huge towers in this Buddhist temple, out of which most of them are in a dilapidated state today. The vast growth of vegetation hides the view of these majestic towers from the road, so it is quite difficult to actually spot the temple. The carvings of the now-headless apsaras on the towers make the hard route worth every second.

– Located at about 45minutes from the famous Mount Sampeau.

Timings – 7AM to 7PM.

 Price – About USD2 for going up the hill.

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