Utstein Abbey Overview
Located to the north of the city of Stavanger are several islets and islands, the most famous of which is the tiny island of Klosterøy. It is connected to the larger island of Mosterøy by bridge. However, this is not the only thing the island is known for. Klosterøy is known for its Utstein Abbey, which dates back to the Augustinian age. The abbey is a well-preserved monastic house, which was first mentioned sometime around the 13th century, and can be reached by boat from Stavanger.

Surrounded by verdant greenery, the abbey used to be the erstwhile residence of the Viking King Harald Fairhair. It was turned into a monastery in the middle ages, and ultimately, in the 1700s, the abbey became a farm of the local magistrate. It was in the 1930s that it was turned into a museum. Upon your visit here, you will be welcomed by guides dressed up in medieval costumes. The abbey also has a garden which is home to vibrant roses, herbs and ornamental bushes.

Location: Mosterøyveien 801, 4156 Mosterøy, Norway
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