Swords In Rock Overview
One of the hidden attractions in Stavanger is the Sverd I Fjell, also popularly known as Swords in Rock. Located on a peninsula that stands out into the Hafrsfjord in the Madla area of Stavanger, is a majestic monument that speaks of a great naval battle in history. It was after the Battle of Hafrsfjord at the end of the 9th century, when the Viking chief Harald Fairhair proclaimed the throne as the first King of Norway, thereby bringing together several small kingdoms under his rule for the very first time in history. It is then that this 10-metre-high monument was established.

The Swords in Rock are three huge and magnificent bronze swords, made to replicate the ancient Viking swords, that have been plunged into rock. Designed by sculptor Fritz Røed, the monument was unveiled in the year 1983 by King Olav V. The largest of the three swords is said to represent Harald Fairhair, whilst the smaller ones symbolize his defeated rivals.

Location: Møllebukta, 4044 Hafrsfjord, Norway
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