Breidablikk Museum Overview
Otherwise known as the Berentsen Family Villa, the Breidablikk Museum is one of the most underrated, yet unique attractions in Stavanger. The family lived in this villa in the 1880s, and the erstwhile villa-turned-museum offers visitors the opportunity to see the original furniture, fabrics, ceramic stoves, fancy glass chandeliers, souvenirs and even the flower arrangements that date back to the Victorian era. You can also see a collection of works by some of the most famous Norwegian artists here.

There are some areas in the house where you can catch a glimpse of the furnishings from different eras in time. This includes the library and dining room from the 1950s, a bomb shelter that dates back to 1939 and even the servant quarters and laundry room. You can also see the farm tools and carriages from bygone eras in the barn. The museum also has trails to the historic Ledaal, Holmeegenes and Munkehagen gardens.

Location: Eiganesveien 40A, 4005 Stavanger, Norway
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