Universal Studios Japan Overview

Discover the wonder of Universal Studios Japan, the first Universal Studios location in Asia. It features a colourful assortment of iconic characters, including Spider-Man, Hello Kitty, and Shrek, and its appeal surpasses even Tokyo Disney Resort. Exhilarating rides, immersive movie simulators, and mesmerising parades guarantee nonstop enjoyment for guests of all ages. Thus, enter a world where magic meets science, where surprises await around every corner.

Visit one of just six parks like Universal Studios throughout the world—Universal Studios Japan—and get ready for an extraordinary trip. Every thrill-seeker in your group will find something to enjoy among the more than 60 thrilling rides and attractions. Here, you can experience an adrenaline rush on well-known rides like Harry PotterTM, the Forbidden Journey, and Mario Kart - Koopa's Challenge. Discover themed areas with influences from popular Japanese culture, iconic video game titles, and Hollywood blockbusters. Marvel at the visuals of manga, films, and magic as you stroll around this expansive 54-hectare site.

Admire the minute intricacies of Hogwarts Castle as you enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Experience the funny Hachamacha Ride and Hachamecha Ice at Minion Park and laugh along with the cheeky Minions. Then, enter the Super Nintendo environment, a vivid environment where Mario and friends are waiting for you. Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is a top attraction, offering exciting rides and entertainment in many Japan trip packages.

Experience the rush of exhilarating roller coasters such as Hollywood Dream and Freeze Ray Sliders. Universal Studios Japan delivers a day full of thrill and wonder for all ages, regardless of your preference for magical or action-packed adventures.

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• Experience more than 60 exhilarating rides and attractions for all ages at Universal Studios Japan, one of six worldwide locations.
• Discover magical, comic, and movie-themed zones that are influenced by legendary Japanese pop culture and Hollywood blockbusters.
• Enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to explore the magnificent Hogwarts Castle and the enchanted Hogwarts Express.
• Play and laugh at Minion Park, the location of everyone's favourite yellow mischievous characters' amusing Hachamecha ride & ice adventures.
• Take part in an exciting variety of activities and experiences centred around your favourite Nintendo characters at Super Nintendo World.

How To Reach

Universal Studios Japan is located at 2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana Ward, Osaka. These are ways you can reach it:

1. By Train: From Osaka Station, you can take the JR Yumesaki Line to Universal City Station. The journey typically takes around 10-15 minutes.

2. By Bus: Look for buses heading towards Universal Studios Japan or Universal City. Various bus routes serve the area, and you can get off at the Universal Studios Japan bus stop.

3. By Car/Taxi: Universal Studios Japan is approximately 15 kilometres from the city centre. Take the Hanshin Expressway Route 11 or the Osaka Port Route Bayshore Line and follow signs for Universal Studios Japan. The journey by car typically takes around 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic. You can also choose the direct option of booking a tax. Various taxi services operate in Osaka, including Uber and local taxi companies. Inform the driver of your destination at Universal Studios Japan, and they will take you directly to the entrance.

Best Time To Visit

Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is an all-year-round attraction, offering magical experiences regardless of the season. 

1. Best Season: The best season to visit Japan’s Universal Studios is during the spring (March to May) or the autumn time (September to November). During these times, temperatures are pleasant, ranging from 15°C to 25°C, making it ideal for exploring the park comfortably. Additionally, you'll get to enjoy a whizzing ride on a roller coaster or have endless fun at the Waterworld.

2. Best Day of the Week: For the optimal experience, you can visit USJ on a weekday rather than the weekends. Weekends tend to be more crowded, leading to longer wait times for attractions. By choosing a weekday, you'll have shorter queues, allowing you to make the most of your time and experience more rides and shows without the hassle of large crowds.

3. Best Time of the Day: To beat the crowds and make the most of your visit, arrive early in the morning as soon as the park opens at 9:00 AM. The first few hours after opening are typically the least crowded, allowing you to enjoy popular attractions with shorter wait times. 

Other Essential Information

Visitor Tips:

1. Arrive early to beat the crowds and make the most of your day.

2. Consider visiting on a weekday to avoid long queues.

3. Download the USJ app for maps, showtimes, and wait times.

4. Purchase tickets online in advance to skip the ticket booth lines.

5. Wear comfortable shoes as you'll be walking and standing for long periods.

6. Bring sunscreen and stay hydrated, especially in the summer months.

7. Don't miss popular attractions like Harry Potter World and Super Nintendo World.

8. Utilise express passes for faster access to rides.

9. Be prepared for unpredictable weather, so bring an umbrella or poncho just in case.

10. Plan your must-see shows and rides in advance to maximise your time.

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