Mino Park Overview

Mino Park is a forested valley located in Osaka, a little far away from the concrete jungle. This is one of the most sought after places in the Kansai region to admire the autumn colours at its best. During autumn, the park comes alive with its fall colours amidst the temples and gardens, especially in the second half of November. 

This is also a recreational area and was awarded a quasi national park status in the late 1960s. The park has a hiking trail that is 3 kilometres long and passes through a valley alongside the Mino river. The Mino Park is also known for the Mino waterfall which falls from a height of 33 metres. The word Mino translated to winnow- a technique that farmers use to separate husk from grains. The park also has a trail filled with shops and temples worth exploring when in Osaka. 


• Trek to the best views of the Minoo falls during autumn and immerse yourself in the hues. 
• Walk around in the park and visit the traditional Japanese temples to know more about the local culture and traditions. 
• Try the local cuisine by eating the seasonal snacks made from maple leaves.
• Detox and relax at the Minoo Onsen Super Garden Hot Springs by attending a spa session. 
• Admire the views from the top of the Minoo Onsen Super Garden Hot Springs at a height of 200 metres. 
• Check out the open air baths and rejuvenate yourself from the cold autumn winters. 

How To Reach

1. By Car: The Mino Park is 40 kilometres away from the heart of Osaka. Therefore, if you're driving, the E 89 route will get you to Mino Park in 42 minutes. Do remember that this route has tolls. 

2. By train: The nearest railway station is the Minoo station on the Hankyu Takarazuka line from Hankyu Umeda station. From there, Mino Park is two kilometres away and will take up to 24 minutes to reach the park.

Best Time To Visit

The Mino Park is open on all days of the year and comes with all types of experiences and activities.

1. Best Day of the Week: You can visit the Mino Park at any day of the week as it is open throughout the year. However, we recommend visiting Mino Park during the weekdays as the chances of crowding is less and you can explore comfortably. 

2. Best Time of the Day: Travel to Mino Park at any time of the day, preferably between morning to afternoon. At this time, you can explore the park patiently and explore all that it offers. 

Other Essential Information

Visitor Tips:

1. Google translate can come in handy to help you with any language barriers. 

2. The railway lines inside the city to reach Mino park are not covered by the Japan rail pass. 

3. Do not litter in the park and spoil the premises of the park. Carry your trash home or always dispose of it in dumpyards.

4. If you are visiting the temples in the park, make sure to follow the customs and traditions for a smooth visit.

5. The park has a viewpoint that you can head to get the best views of the hills beyond the park. 

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