Teatro Real Overview

Also called the Royal theatre, Teatro Real is an opera house located at the Plaza de Oriente Square. This is one of the top opera houses in all of Europe which is considered the leading institution of the performing arts in the city. The Opera house has excellent artistic programs which include 20th-century music. Go on a guided tour at the opera house to learn more about the fascinating history of the place.

Visit the Teatro Real, which is an opera house that was first started on the site of an old theatre by Ferdinand VII in 1817 and was completed in 1850. The building has gone through many renovations and was closed in the early 20th century. The museum which was closed in 1966 as a concert hall reopened in 1977 after the renovations. At present, the opera house can accommodate 1745 people together and has 28 boxes that are spread across different floors. Visit the "La Rotonda" which is the only floor dedicated to the general public and encircles the entire building. It has 4 large halls which are designed with different colors and are home to artworks as well as paintings from the National Heritage collections. In 2021, TeatroReal also received an award for the top honor at the International Opera Awards 2021 as well as recognized for its outstanding work 2019.


•  Visit the largest institutions of the performing arts in the city and one of the top opera houses in Europe.
• Look at all the 18 platforms that are used for performances and can accommodate over 1745 people at once.
• Explore the beautiful Opera house which was declared a national monument in 1977 and is considered one of the leading theatres in Europe.
• Enter the foyer, the Royal Box, the main hall, and also a photography exhibition during your visit.
• Go on a self-guided tour with audio commentary to learn more about the history and some fascinating facts about the theatre.

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