Pura Segara Overview

Pura Segara Jimbaran in Bali is a seaside Hindu temple, renowned for its picturesque setting overlooking Jimbaran Bay. The temple offers stunning ocean views, serene atmosphere, and traditional Balinese architecture. Visitors can experience cultural rituals and enjoy breathtaking sunsets, making it a tranquil and spiritually enriching destination on the island.

A short drive outside the village lies Pura Segara, one of the least explored places to visit in Jimbaran with our Bali tour packages. Settled on the Banyualit Beach on Bali’s eastern coast, this temple is known for its excellent backdrop and ambience.

Albeit small in size, Pura Segara is distinct in its architecture; the brightly colored temple lacks the usual courtyard of a Balinese temple, and instead features an open space with sculptures and staircases. Several distinctive edifices stand out against the elaborate stonework of the temple.

A massive banyan tree adorns the courtyard at Pura Segara, and is one of its most distinctive features. A Muslim and a Christian cemetery nestle on either side of the temple complex, and warrant a visit.

Location: Banyualit Beach, Bali

Timings: 09.00 AM- 06.00 PM on all days of the week 

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