Old Quarter Overview

Known popularly as a paradise for the shopaholics, Old Quarter happens to be the best destination for buying amazing souvenirs. The place is home to a plethora of bustling and colourful shops, selling out enchanting décor items and utility products at a very cheap and bargainable price.

In addition to being a great shopping destination, Old Quarter is also renowned for its glorious and rich history of times gone by. Tourists can catch a glimpse of numerous historical structures during their walk in Old Quarter. On a popular note, Old Quarter offers the real picture of the city of Ankara and is recognized for its cozy cafes, spice markets, and smiling people. Explore this cultural haven as part of your Turkey tour packages, where history seamlessly blends with vibrant local experiences.

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Price: There is no fee for visiting the Old Quarter

Timings: Old Quarter can be visited at any time of the day

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

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