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Visit Ankara's CerModern, an art gallery housed in a revamped railway workshop. This vibrant art centre showcases a dynamic range of modern art exhibitions, including famed works by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Enjoy concerts, movie nights, and workshops that change with every visit, ensuring a unique experience each time.

CerModern in Ankara is more than just an art gallery, it is also a symbol of modern art housed in an old railway workshop. This unique location in the heart of Turkey’s capital transforms a historic site into a dynamic space for contemporary culture. Since opening in 2010, CerModern has become famous for its innovative exhibitions and diverse cultural events, attracting art lovers and tourists alike. The museum's architecture cleverly integrates old structures with new designs, creating a striking visual and cultural contrast.

CerModern's ability to offer something new with each visit makes it stand out. The museum features rotating exhibitions from international artists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, ensuring fresh experiences for return visitors. Additionally, CerModern hosts workshops, film screenings, and live concerts, making it a vibrant cultural hub in Ankara. The spacious courtyard, often used for outdoor cinema during the summer, adds another layer of charm. This makes CerModern a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the intersection of art, history, and modernity. Some of the important past exhibits of the museum include Turkey trip packages Istanbul Photo Awards and the works of Diego Rivera, Fernando Franco I Oaxaca, and Frida Kahlo.

How To Reach

  • By Road: CerModern is located 2.1 kilometres from the Ankara city centre. 
  • By Bus: City buses are available with direct routes passing near CerModern. You can take buses like the 104 or 204, which stop at Sıhhiye, a central hub. The gallery is 1 kilometre or a 15-minute walk away from there.
  • By Car: If you are driving, the most direct route is via Atatürk Bulvarı and Talatpaşa Blv. Follow this major avenue north until you reach the intersection with Anafartalar Cad., where you must turn right. CerModern is located just a few minutes from here on your left. You can cover the 2.1-kilometre journey in under 10 minutes. 
  • By Bike: Ankara has a growing network of bike paths. From Kızılay, cycle north along the main roads, using dedicated lanes where available. The journey takes about 20 to 25 minutes.
  • By Metro: The closest metro station to CerModern is Gençlik Parkı, on the M1 line. From Gençlik Parkı, it is a 5-minute walk (800 metres) to the art centre.

Best Time To Visit

CerModern is a great place to visit any time of the year. Each visit here offers unique experiences, with vibrant art exhibitions and interactive events.

  1. Best Day of the Week: Visiting from Tuesday to Friday offers a quieter experience, as weekends tend to be more crowded. CerModern also remains closed on Mondays. Therefore, weekday visits give you more space and time to engage deeply with the art without the rush, enhancing your overall experience.
  2. Best Time of the Day: The museum is open from 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m., making late afternoon an ideal time to visit. This period is less crowded, and you can enjoy the changing light in the exhibition spaces, which adds a dynamic view of the artwork.

Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit

1. Check the schedule before visiting, as CerModern is closed on Mondays.

2. Arrive early to avoid crowds, especially on weekends, for a more relaxed visit.

3. Wear comfortable shoes since you will be walking through large gallery spaces.

4. Keep an eye on event schedules to enhance your visit with special exhibitions and workshops.

5. Check signage or ask staff about photography restrictions, as it might be limited in certain areas.

6. Use the lockers at the entrance to store oversized bags or coats.

7. Plan to spend at least a few hours because there is much to see and do.

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Point of Interest for Cermodern
Explore International and Local Art Exhibitions

Explore International and Local Art Exhibitions

CerModern, nestled in a transformed railway workshop in Ankara, showcases a stunning array of both local and international contemporary art. Each visit offers a new experience with rotating exhibitions featuring works from renowned artists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. The dynamic display of paintings, sculptures, and installations ignites the imagination, making each walkthrough a fresh discovery of modern artistic expressions. The centre also hosts significant events like the Istanbul Photo Awards, adding to the allure for photography enthusiasts.

Participate in Interactive Art Workshops

Participate in Interactive Art Workshops

CerModern organises art workshops that cater to all ages, making it a perfect family-friendly activity. These workshops provide hands-on experiences in various art forms, from painting to sculpture, under the guidance of experienced artists. It is a fantastic way to engage creatively and gain deeper insights into the artistic process. This will leave you with new skills and memorable souvenirs crafted by your hands. Additionally, these sessions often include specialised workshops tied to current exhibitions, offering a deeper engagement with the themes displayed.

Relax in the Outdoor Courtyard Cinema

Relax in the Outdoor Courtyard Cinema

During the summer months, the courtyard at CerModern transforms into an enchanting outdoor cinema. This unique setting under the stars offers a mix of classic films and new releases, surrounded by art installations. It is a perfect spot to unwind after exploring the galleries, offering a magical movie experience in the heart of Ankara. This space is also utilised for various live events, including concerts and theatre performances, making it a versatile hub for cultural activities.

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