Krol Ko, Siem Reap: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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A small temple built in the 12th century which has much importance in the traditional aspects of Cambodia is Krol Ko. Park of the Oxen is the description given to the temple that is located very close to Neam Pean. A tower and a ‘library’ are the main structures included in the temple and as the history says, King Jayavarman VII was the one who erected this temple as well. Every other main Khmer temples in the region, Krol Ko also has a deep influence of the Khmer reign and the particular architectural technique of that period. But what attracts the visitors mostly is the pediments on the ground along with the triangular pediments of Avalokiteshvara standing on a lotus and of Krishna who lifts the Mount Govardhan.

Location: Sangkat Nokor Thum, Siem Reap, Cambodia Price Free
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