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Nepal is the center for Buddhist culture in the country. A fine example of Buddhism in the country is its temples and their stupas. This includes the four Ashoka Stupas. Named after the Emperor Ashoka of India, these stupas not just show Buddhist architecture, but they even reflect different wheels of Buddhism- the wheel of righteousness or dharma. These stupas were traditionally built as markings on the four corners of Patan.

: These stupas are mounds crowned monuments that were erected in 250 century B.C. Three of the mounds that are constructed have been covered in grass. The fourth one has a white mound and a colorful monument. It is believed that such a construction stems out from the fact that Buddhist stupas are supposed to be different from each other. So, certain highlights and changes are made for each of the design to preserve their uniqueness. That’s why each of the stupas should be explored.

: Patan, Nepal.

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