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About Manipur

Manipur, a state in the north eastern India is a lush green place which offers a plethora of activities for its guests. This place rich in nature, culture and traditions is a perfect spot for a holiday with family, friends or even as a solo traveler, as you will never get bored at this place.

This place does not have a lot of luxury options like other tourist places, but you will surely enjoy even with the basic decent tourist facilities offered over here.

If you an adventure enthusiast, you can do camping, trekking and boating over here. If you are a nature lover, everything around you including the lush green hills, tall standing trees and sparkling rivers are a treat for you and if you are a shopping enthusiast, this place is a paradise for you as it offers some of the best handloom fabrics and handicrafts for you to shop.

Manipur is a home of folk culture and traditions and you will be enchanted to see the way people have still preserved their culture even when everything in their surroundings is developing at a very fast pace. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in the laps of nature surrounded by sheer tranquility, Manipur is the destination you should finalize.

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Manipur FAQ's

Travel advice:

  • Book your stay facilities well in advance especially when you want to visit in the peak season.

  • Manipur is a naturally serene place and hence, be a responsible tourist and do not litter or pollute this place in any way.

  • Do not carry a lot of cash and wear flashy jewelry while on your trip.

  • While exploring nature and wildlife, take care of the basic safety and travel precautions.

  • Maintain basic decorum at all the places of religious importance.

  • Make a proper itinerary before starting your trip so that you do not miss out on any destination.

Drinking laws

It is not legal to consume any type of alcoholic drink in the state of Manipur and hence, you are advised to refrain from consuming alcoholic drinks.

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