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What You Should Know More About Dagana

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Crime rate is known to be low in Bhutan and so is in Dagana. You need to keep your belongings safe, though.

    ·         Don’t forget to carry a torch with you while going out after the sunset. Being a small and under-developed nation, the places of Bhutan see power cuts often.

    ·         Avoid over-friendly strangers. You never know what their actual intensions are.

    ·         Carry your medications for the entire trip from your place. You will not find big pharmacies everywhere.

    ·         Dress modestly while visiting the monasteries. Also, ask for permission before taking pictures inside the monasteries.

    ·         Respect the locals and their culture, even if you don’t like a certain thing. Misbehaving will leave a bad impression of you and your country on them.

    ·         Carry special trekking boots if you opt to do so.

    ·         If you are visiting during the summers, don’t forget to carry an umbrella as the district receives heavy rainfall. While visiting during the winters, carry your best woollens as its gets too cold. 

  • Q. Drinking Laws

    You are not eligible to consume alcohol in Bhutan if you are 18 or younger. Even if you are eligible to drink, drink responsibly. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations-Things You Can’t Afford to Miss?

    Do Pata Chapsa

    Called “sword on rock” in English, Do Pata Chapsa has a mark of sword on it. There are a lot of stories behind how the mark has come there and you must ask the locals or your guide to narrate it to you.

    Daga Dzong

    This is an old fort and currently is the district headquarters. Situated atop a hill, this fort is really picturesque and its white walls look great from a distance. There are a few Buddhist temples inside the Dzong and festivals called Dagana Tshechu are organised every year according to the Bhutanese calendar.

    Pokhari Tsho

    This beautiful lake is worshipped as holy by the locals. This wide lake is near Tsangkha Geong. The location is divinely beautiful with clouds floating all over. The bluish water looks great from above. 


    Namkhai Dzong

    This beautiful fortress is considered to be the meditating place of Guru Rinpoche. The fortress is huge with beautiful interiors.

    Wachey Cave

    This cave is believed to be the cave of a Hindu deity Lord Shiva and the local Hindus worship this cave. You can see great pillars of stalactites and stalagmites which are basically calcium deposits. The cave is pretty big and it’s a must visit when you are in Dagana.  

    Ma Deo Than Cave

    Alike Wachey Cave, this cave is also featured with calcium deposition forming stalactites and stalagmites. The stalagmite has formed in the shape of a Shiva Linga, which the local Hindus worship. They free pigeons there after worshipping. 

    Do Dung Chen

    A two hours walk from the main town of Dagana, this place is believed to be holy by the locals. Women without a child pay a visit to these rocks and if a child is born after that, he is named as Dungchen.

    Dungchen Menchu

    This is a natural mineral spring and is located near the Dzongkhag Guest House. It is believed that the water contains therapeutic properties to heal a number of diseases. A stone tub is naturally created where the visitors can take bath. A trumpet was discovered from the site long ago.

    Do Kepai Goenthoe

    This is a rock with five steps. Now, one step is concealed under the soil and the remaining four are visible. It is believed by the locals that when all the four steps will be submerged underneath, the epoch will come to an end.

    Do Rangthan

    This is a milestone shaped stone where a lot of old scary stories are buried. It is believed by the locals that Guru Rinpoche killed and buried a demon in this place that used to murder the passengers of this place. Do not forget to know from the locals what the entire story is. Believe it or not, but it will surely entertain you.

    Do Namkhai Kaw

    This is a big 20 metre high monolith with a lot of old stories about it, like Do Rangthan. There is a footprint, believed to be of a heavenly creature by the locals, near the rock pillar. It is said that, during the construction of the Dzong, this stone spoke out and warned about the height of the Dzong. Later, the Dzong was made at par with the rock.  

  • Q. What You Will Like There?

    Local cuisine

    For a foodie, Bhutan is no less than a paradise. With awesomely delicious delicacies, Bhutan will surely win your heart. The slow cooked meat of yak with a lot of vegetables will rejuvenate your taste buds. Do not miss the momos of Bhutan, which are flour dumplings with a vegetable or meat filling and steamed in bamboo steamers.


    The locals of Bhutan are truly gentle and down to earth. They are open, peace-loving and friendly. Apart from sight-seeing, spend a time with the locals to deeply know about Bhutan and its culture.


    Bhutan is basically all about Buddhism. There are a few Hindus residing there, but both the religions live happily with one another. The peace-loving people take pride in their beautiful country and its culture. They love their tourists and are always happy to help.

    Natural beauty

    Bhutan is naturally breath-taking. The lofty green mountains on all the sides make it heavenly. Situated in the Himalayas, Bhutan boasts about its natural beauty, which is totally justified. 


    Bhutanese people lead a slow and laid back lifestyle. Away from the cacophony of the big cities, Bhutan is a perfect escapade from hectic daily routine. Freshen up this summer by staying a few days in this heavenly divine destination.

  • Q. Recommended Reads For Destination

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