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South Africa Skydiving Packages

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Tandem Skydiving Tickets, Cape Town45 mins
INR 15,727.55

South Africa Skydiving

- Cape Town
- Grahamstown
- Durban
- Mossel Bay
- Johannesburg

Undoubtedly, Skydiving in South Africa is one of the most adventurous, fun, and exhilarating experiences that you would ever get to enjoy in your lifetime. There are a number of locations in South Africa that are famous for tandem skydiving, including Mossel Bay, Cape Town, Durban, and many others.

Moreover, when the thrill of tandem Skydiving in South Africa merges with the awe-inspiring views of the beautiful landscape of South Africa, it further enhances your experience and provides you with a lifetime memory. If you have had skydiving on your bucket list, it’s time to kick it off by trying it out in South Africa, if not; it’s time to add it to your bucket list right now!

Most of the centres for skydiving in South Africa are equipped with the best gear and follow all the safety measures to ensure the well being of the skydivers. Moreover, the instructors at the centres will make you completely familiar with the experience and take away all your fear to allow you to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience in the best way possible. You shall also be provided proper training with the help of stimulators before you actually go ahead and take a free fall from a moving plane, beyond the beautiful clouds.
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South Africa Skydiving FAQs

What are the best places for skydiving in South Africa?

1. Cape Town: Cape Town is one of the most beloved places for Skydiving in South Africa. While skydiving in Cape town you shall be able to witness the beautiful landscape of the city, including some of its major attractions, including the Table Bay Harbour, Table Mount, Robben Island and enjoy the endless views of the Atlantic Ocean

2. Grahamstown: EP Skydivers is one of the most popular skydiving agencies in Grahamstown that have a highly trained team of instructors who will make your experience of skydiving even more enjoyable and completely safe. Being surrounded by beautiful terrain and lush greenery, it is one of the top picks amongst skydivers in South Africa.

3. Durban: Durban Skydive Centre is one of the most budget-friendly options in South Africa to try Skydiving at. Moreover, the skydive centre is situated a bit outside the city, allowing the divers to enjoy a beautiful ride along with the best of the views of the South African natural landscape. The staff at the centre is very friendly and will make you feel comfortable and safe before and while skydiving as well.

4. Mossel Bay: One of the most beautiful places of the world to skydive, diving at Mossel Bay allows you to admire the beautiful shoreline of South Africa merging with the rocky terrain and the modern construction. It is one of the best places for first-timers to try out tandem skydiving.

5. Johannesburg: If you love admiring the modern settlements and an array of popular tourist attractions from up above the sky, while feeling the rush of adrenaline flowing through your bloodstream, Johannesburg is the perfect location for you to try out skydiving in South Africa.

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Why should I go skydiving in South Africa?

Undoubtedly, skydiving is one of the most exhilarating and adventurous things that one can try, irrespective of the place that you try it at. However, provided the amazing landscape of South Africa, and the amount of expertise and experiences provided in this very country are unmatchable from any other place in the world.

How much does skydiving South Africa cost?

The price for Skydiving in South Africa varies on a huge scale, depending on the place and the type of skydiving that you want to try out. The cost of Tandem Skydiving in South Africa starts at around INR 10000 and the cost of solo skydiving may go up to as high as INR 20000.

Is there a weight limit for skydiving in South Africa?

Yes, most of the places have an upper weight limit for skydiving in South Africa. The person needs to be below 100kg to try out skydiving at most of the places in South Africa.

Can I bring my own camera while Skydiving in South Africa?

Yes, you can take your very own camera on Skydiving in South Africa. However, you may have to pay extra for the same, ranging up to INR 5000.

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Can I breathe or talk in freefall?

You can absolutely breathe easily even during freefall while skydiving and you will get ample oxygen to breathe comfortably. However, it is not possible to talk during a free fall. Still, you can communicate with others with a series of hand signs which shall also be taught to you before your skydiving session.

What happens if the parachute doesn't open?

During Tandem Skydiving South Africa, if your main parachute fails to open or open with some error, you can simply remove and throw away your primary parachute and open your reserve parachute. You shall be provided with proper instructions before your skydiving sessions to deal with any such circumstances.

Is there a height limit for skydiving in South Africa?

No, there is no minimum or maximum height limit to try out skydiving in South Africa. However, there may be some weight restrictions at most of the places.

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What should I wear for Skydiving in South Africa?

It is highly recommended to wear only fitted layers of clothes while Skydiving in South Africa so that your clothes do not run while diving. Also, try to not carry any kind of accessories while skydiving and only wear laced shoes which can be tied tightly.

Do you feel the drop when you are skydiving in South Africa?

No, when you skydive, you get more of a feeling of flying that dropping. You won’t feel a thing in your stomach while taking a dive into the sky from the plane.

How dangerous is skydiving in South Africa?

Skydiving in South Africa is not at all dangerous but surely adventurous. All the safety measures are properly taken care of by the service providers. Therefore, you can plan to skydive without any fear and enjoy it to the fullest.

Can you hear while skydiving in South Africa?

All you can hear while tandem skydiving in South Africa is the sound of rushing wind, which is absolutely normal. However, most of the people have reported not even hearing that. Even if you hear the rushing sound of the wind, you will become familiar with it within a few seconds of free fall. You shall not be able to speak or hear to anybody else while skydiving.

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How long does a session of skydiving in South Africa last for?

The freefall during skydiving in South Africa lasts for almost 60 seconds beyond which your parachute shall be deployed. After that, you can expect to sail around the beautiful clouds and admire the views of the mesmerizing landscape down below, for a period of 4 to 5 minutes.

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