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What You Should Know More About Brazil

  • Travel advice

    • Crime rate in Brazil is pretty high. Pickpocketing is very common there. Keep your purse, luggage and other things safe.

    • Always keep the nearest police station’s emergency number on speed dial. 911 is the emergency number for police, ambulance and fire department.

    • Never use credit card or debit card for payment in the gas stations, taxis and other such places. You might become a prey to hacking.

    • Never flash too much cash in public. Do not carry costly cameras, laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets while you go out. You might lose them to the criminals.

    • You might require a few vaccinations before travelling to some parts of Brazil. Find out what they are before going there. Prevention is always better than cure.

    • Never eat street food in Brazil as they are of an extremely low quality. Always try having bottled mineral water.

    • Brazilians are friendly and out-spoken. But never disrespect them or their culture. Remember that you have visited their place and they are more in number.

    • If required, never go to the government hospitals. Prefer the private clinics.

    • Never speak about racism in public there.

    • Never pretend to be a tourist in the public places and markets as you may end up paying higher for a cheap thing.

    • Never try to bribe anybody.

    • A few countries need not have a visa to enter Brazil. Find out if your country is in the list.

    • Always carry your passport while going out as you might be required to show an identity proof.

  • Drinking law

    Officially, you are allowed to consume alcohol in Brazil only if you are 18 or more. As you are a tourist, don’t risk yourself buying and consuming alcohol if you are younger.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Rio de Janeiro

    This beach city is the second largest city in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is known to have its own style of living and a tourist friendly culture. The most attractive spot to see in Rio is the statue of Jesus with open hands, called Christ-the Redeemer, atop Corcovado hill. The harbour of Brazil is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The harbour looks captivating because of its shape and the presence of Corcovado and Tijuca hill. The things you must see in Rio are:

    • Corcovado hill- the best thing to see there is the statue of Jesus Christ.

    • Copacabana Beach-pay a visit to this beach for the New Year’s party and you won’t forget it ever for sure.

    • Maracana Stadium- this is a beautiful stadium and the largest in entire South Africa. Recently, a lot of events of the Rio Olympics 2016 were organised there.

    • Sugar-loaf Mountain- this mountain is a must visit during the sunset. The view is truly captivating.

    • Morro da Ucra & Pao de Acucar- almost 600 million years old, these mountains are truly beautiful. Their structure is mesmerizing and these mountains are a home to a large variety of wildlife. You will be taken there by Bondinho- a car attached to an aerial cable. On the top, there are markets where you can spend a good time.

    • Annual carnival held during the easter.

    • Arpoador Beach- the sunset there is lovely and enchanting. Encounter the sun drowning in the ocean with an orange light all over.

    • The other places you would love to visit are:

    Jardim Botanico- a botanical garden

    Parque Lage- a beautiful park

    Instituto Moreira Salles- a great museum of Brazilian art and culture

    Museu de Arte Contemporanea Niteroi- a museum of contemporary art

    Monasteiro Sao Bento- an excellent monastery

    Ipenama- a beautiful beach

    Jockey Clube Brasileiro- a beautiful race course


    Often people consider Rio de Janeiro as the capital of Brazil, but it’s Brasilia. This is a beautifully planned city with all the advanced amenities. The places you must see in Brasilia are:

    • Paranoa Lake- a beautiful lake with a spectacular bridge over it.

    • Parque Olhos D’Agua- a lush green park

    • Poco Azul- a charming waterfall

    • Brasilia National Park- a spot for animal lovers

    Sao Paulo

    Often called Sampa, this is the largest, most populated and the richest city in Brazil. You will be stunned seeing the skyscrapers. The places you just can’t afford to miss in Sao Paulo are:

    • Avenida Paulista- the main centre of the city

    • Rio Pinheiros River

    • Banespa Tower- view point to get a panoramic view of the city

    • Ciclovia

    • Ciclofaixa de Lazer

    This is a city with great examples of architecture. This ancient city is not as crowded as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The things you must see in Salvador are:
    • Terreiro de Jesus

    • Praca da se

    • Largo do Pelourinho

    • Mercado Modelo

    • Forte de Santo Antonio da Barra

    • Solar do Unhao

    • Elevator Lacerda


    Often referred to as Brazilian Venice, this is truly a beautiful city on several bridge-linked islands. You will simply fall in love with the spectacular beaches. The places you can’t afford o miss are:

    • Brasilia Teimosa Beach

    • Pina Beach

    • Boa Viagem Beach

    • Madre de Deus Church

    • Nossa Senhora do Camro Church

    • Abolition Museum

    • Casa- Museu Gikberto Freyre Museum

    • Benfica Cultural Centre


    This is a beautiful city near the Amazon. There you will see two rivers of different colour meet and form the Amazon River. The places you should pay a visit in this city are:

    • Marcado Municipal- the main ma rket of Manaus.

    • Opera House- to see opera shows.

    • Encontro das aguas- the place where the rivers meet

    • Rio Negro Palace

    • Natural Science Museum

    • Ponta Negra Beach

    • Paricatuba Waterfall

    Porto Alegre

    This is a developed city with spectacular skyscrapers and is one of the most visited cities in Brazil. Let’s see which places you can’t afford to miss:

    • Monumento aos Acorianos

    • Usina do Gasometro

    • Fundacao Ibere Camargo

    • Museu de Ciencias

    • Parque Marhina

    • Parque Germania

    The other cities you should visit are Fortaleza, and Florianopolis.

  • What you will like there?

    Natural beauty

    Brazil is rich in natural beauty. The great Amazon River and Amazon Forest are the main attractions of Brazil. The flora and fauna of the place is diverse, attracting tourists. About 2 million insects, 3000 species of fishes, and innumerable species of wild animals have inhabited the Amazon forest.

    Soccer culture

    Almost every person of Brazil plays soccer. Everybody is very passionate about soccer, which has resulted in a great football team with marvellous players. The other sports played in Brazil are volley ball, charter, Jiu-Jitsu, etc.

    Food and drinks

    The cuisine of Brazil is mouth-watering. You must try Brazil’s National dish feijoada which has a lot of vegetables, beans, and meat in it. The other delicious dishes are coxinha, empada, Pao-de-queijo, and some extraordinary range of sea foods.


    The locals of Brazil are out-spoken, friendly and truly passionate about sports, music and dance. Be good to them to get the best hospitality. They live a laid-back lifestyle with a lot of festivals round the year. Respect their culture as they are pretty stubborn about it. Never speak about racism there as you might get into trouble.

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