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About Uppsala
Out of all the places, Uppsala has become a doting academic town in the country. Located to the north of Stockholm at a distance of about 35 minutes on the train, the city boasts many historic semblances and reserves, discovering which is nothing but both exciting and thrilling. Uppsala's elegance and pride lie in the joyous and youthful charm of the city, all thanks to the 15th century Uppsala University and the growing industrial sectors. One can consider this city to be the beacon of new and innovative minds, which is why visiting the city is a must.

Uppsala will take you down the memory lane of the Viking and Iron Age era, especially with the royal burial ground in the Uppsala Cathedral and the Uppsala Palace. A visit to the Carolina Rediviva will allow you access to one of the world's oldest and richest Gothic books- the Silver Bible. At the University, you can even enjoy the richness of Swedish art and culture. If you love books, several manuscripts are there in the Uppsala University library to read to gain more knowledge about Sweden.

The dusk time can be spent having a stroll around some of the most beautiful parks like the Linnaeus Garden and the Tropical Greenhouse. You can even go on a shopping spree in Svartbäcksgatan- one of the best markets in Uppsala. Uppsala experiences a warm but soothing ambiance in the summers. However, during the winter, the city gets covered with snow sheets with chilling winds blowing over the land.
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