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Ranthambore National Park Day Trip from Jaipur



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If you are a wildlife enthusiast and have yet not visited the Ranthambore National Park, then you are missing on a splendid expience from your bucket list. The spot is the natural habitat of leopards, bears, deer, hyena, wild boars, tigers, and many more rare wildlife species. Head towards the Project Tiger Reserve - Ranthambore National Park from Jaipur and catch a glimpse of the surrounding Aravalli ranges. The chance to witness the ruins of the century-old Ranthambore Fort and witnessing the real tigers implies to some major highlights of the day. Do not miss the chance of viewing the migratory birds and capturing these views in your camera lens during the trip. You can also indulge in a jeep safari ride or enjoy a nature walk through the lush green beauty of the region.

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39 Ratings

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