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About Punakha Dzong

The Punakha Dzong is one of the most famous places in Bhutan. It literally means ‘the palace of great happiness’. It is the administrative center of Bhutan and also one of the most scenic places in the country. The Punakha Dzong is one of the most majestic and artful structures of Bhutan and the places around it are also some of the most experience packed tourist places. It is a place which offers several other places around it, which will make your holidays worth it.

The most special things about all the places in Bhutan is that they are so serene and filled with sheer tranquility, that you will have no words to describe it, but just experience it. The green mountains, deep valleys, religious shrines, culture, tradition, local hospitality and the positive vibes of Bhutan will leave you mesmerized and awe-struck, as you will never experience a similar kind of environment anywhere else in the world.

A trip to Punakha is perfect for family with kids, a group of friends or even for senior citizens, as the things to do here have no limit and can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. You are indeed going to take back a lot of memories from this trip and so, be all set for it.
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Punakha Dzong FAQ's

Travel Advice

  • Bhutan is a country rich in tradition and culture and so, you should respect the local culture and not mock it in any way.

  • Public smoking is banned in Bhutan and hence, you should take care of not being a defaulter to the rule.

  • Bhutan is a country with minimum amount of pollution, and hence it is your responsibility to not litter anywhere and cause pollution in any way.

  • Maintain decorum at religious places and shrines.

  • There are a lot of adventure activities like trekking and other sports in Bhutan and you need to take care of tracking your trek route and being safe all the time.

  • Keep emergency numbers like police and hospitals written.

  • Learn a few words in the local language as there are a lot of locals who do not understand English.

Drinking Laws

The legal age to consume alcohol in Bhutan is 18 years of age. Though the age proof checking is not very strict, it is advised for you to carry your age proof all the time.

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Punakha Dzong Trekking

Punakha is a heaven for trekking enthusiasts as you can practically trek around anywhere in this place. You will be surrounded by green mountains and you can practically trek on any route, as most of the hikes are not really difficult.

Chimi Lhakhang Village

This is a very famous Buddhist Monastery in Punakha. It stands on a round hillock and you have to walk through rice fields, muddy paths and grass to go there. The prayer flags hugs on the road will lead you to the monastery easily. You will see the intricate art work on the monastery walls, experience calm atmosphere and get an essence of rural culture of Bhutan at this place and hence, this should indeed be on your sight-seeing list.

Guru Rinpoche Caves

It is a steep hike to the caves where a small temple is located. If you are a camping enthusiast, this place is a must visit. Travelers can lay their bed in the temple and can enjoy the calmness of the night. It is one of the most sacred sites of Bhutan as it has many legends associated with it, which are depicted on the rocks of the caves.

Tsachu Hot Springs

After walking vigorously for two hours, you will want to immediately get a dip in one of the three bathing pools located here, where you can enjoy chilling in natural hot water springs. Outside the pool zone, there is a place where you can pitch your tents and enjoy the view of sky flooded with stars at night.

Punakha Suspension bridge

This bridge is the longest suspension bridge of Bhutan and standing on it is scary, thrilling and fun at the same time. This is a picture perfect location for tourists, provided you are able to stand on it without shivering and getting weak in your knees.

Dorji Lhuendrup Nunnery

After travelling up a little, you will get tired while you reach the nunnery, but it is totally worth it. The view from above the hills will make you forget all your fatigue and will give you a special pleasure while you look across the valley. The Nunnery is totally managed by nuns and is very special for the local people.

Druk Rafting

The rivers of Bhutan mostly flow in full force and hence, water sports like rafting are a completely thrilling experience here. You will have a rafting operator here from where you can do your bookings and set out of this memorable adventure with your family or friends.

What will like you like there?

Culture and Traditions

Bhutan, as a country is rich in culture and tradition. They are still rooted to their culture which exists on the principles of Buddhism, which they regard as the purest and most ethical form of lifestyle. Their culture is reflected through the way they live, dress, their art forms, festivals and worship. You should try to plan your trip during one of their festival dates so that you are able to witness their traditions at its best.

Local Hospitality

The people here are known to be one of the world’s most welcoming and hospitable people. They will always greet you with a smile on their face and will provide help during difficult times. Hence, the crime against tourists in Bhutan is also at the minimum.

Weather and Atmosphere

Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world and hence, there is no doubt the atmosphere and weather here is going to be the best in the world. The fresh air, cool breeze and noise-free atmosphere will make you feel like you are on a completely different planet.

Nature’s beauty

Bhutan, especially Punakha is bestowed upon some of the best wonders by nature. With green mountains surrounding you all the time, you will feel like nestling in the laps of mother-nature. The blue waters of rivers, vast valleys and flora will leave you stunned with its beauty.

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