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Phra-Nakhon is one of the 50 districts of Bangkok, Thailand. It is the central district of Bangkok, including Rattanakosin Island. Bangkok boasts of being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia. Here, people used to live and travel on water while temples and palaces were built on the land. It is widely considered as a gateway to South-East Asia and with the best Phra Nakhon Tour Packages, it needs more than just a couple of days to witness the thrill and joy in and around the place.


The culture of Bangkok is mostly influenced by the western world and yet holds firmly on its traditional and Buddhist values. The culture is evident on every street corner, the food, the arts and Buddhist temples. Buddhism plays a big part in Thai art, sculpture, paintings and architecture – especially the wat (Thai temple). Thailand's annual festivals include Songkran in April, Loi Krathong in November which is accompanied by the Golden Mount Fair. New Year is celebrated throughout the city. Important dates of the royal family (like birthdays) are also celebrated in the city. The other communities celebrate their own festivals as well. Festivals, fairs and kite-fights are held in the parks.


Krung Thep translates in English to the 'City of Angels'. You'll find visitors everywhere taking in the sights and sounds of Bangkok by tuk-tuk, canals, bicycle or foot. Though it might seem noisy and chaotic, there is so much to discover within the city from skyscrapers with sky bars to the countless temples and the backpacking area around the Khao San Road. Bangkok is also famous for its street food like the hot dogs, seafood snacks, and noodle soup. The popular places to visit are the Wat Arun, Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Floating Market and more. The boat tours in Phra Nakhon are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, just like shopping in Bangkok.With its magnificent temples, authentic canals, exotic food, busy markets, visual delights and a vibrant nightlife, Bangkok has something for everyone.

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