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About Pécs
Amongst the magical tourist places in Hungary, Pecs is located in Baranya County close to the Croatian border and is full of scenic beauty, magnificent museums, medieval structures, and historical religious buildings. Nestled at the foot of the Mecsek mountains, Pecs is blessed with sparkling natural beauty and fresh ambiance. It is undoubtedly a marvelous getaway from the city's busy and chaotic life.

Pecs is a polished and subdued city with densely built-up alleys lined with elegant Baroque structures and ancient artistic wonders such as Pecs Synagogue and Szchenyi Ter. With attractions ranging from Pecs Cathedral and Mosque of Pasha Qasim like religious places, beautiful parks, impressive squares, Csontváry Museum to the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, the city has something for everyone.

But it is not only its architectural beauty that is alluring. With loads of pubs, cafes, and bars at Király Street offering authentic Hungarian food and wine to international delicacies to drinks, the night culture of the city is also fascinating. The months of May, June, and September offer idyllic conditions for tourism as the daytime temperatures remain pleasant and days are bright and sunny. However, it is recommended to carry a sweater or a jacket for the evenings.
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