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About Nalanda
Lying in Central Bihar, Nalanda is considered to be the ancient hub of knowledge. Counted among the revered Mahaviharas, the town of Nalanda is not only an age-old centre of Buddhist learning, but is also a pilgrim destination. Offering an impressive amalgamation of history, culture, spirituality, and architecture, Nalanda continues to add value and excellence to the state of Bihar.

The beauty of Nalanda lies in its beautifully architectured historical marvels, most of which are now in their ruins. The calm and peaceful environment of this city together with the well-preserved old world charm work beautifully to make this town much appealing.

Location: The city of Nalanda lies at a distance of 90 KM from Patna.

Historical Facts:
The town of Nalanda has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site for being an important historical structure.
This is the place where a University was back in around 200 AD.
Nalanda was home to a Buddhist University, which was made around the ancient Kingdom of Magadha.
Its findings and preachings became a reason for ancient India to prosper.

Places to Visit:
One of the primary attractions of Nalanda is the world-famous Nalanda University, which is one of the world’s oldest known universities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Other important tourist attractions boasted by Nalanda include the Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall and the Nalanda Archaeological Museum which exhibit relics related to the past.
You can also mark a stop at the Surya Mandir, The Great Stupa, and the Nav Nalanda Mahavihara.

Activities to Do:
While you are in the town of Nalanda, you can pay a visit to the breathtaking Nalanda Ruins and can explore its rustic charm.
You can also marvel at the magnificent Nandyavarta Mahal and click some memorable pictures around there.
You can visit Cafeteria Nalanda to relish local snacks.

Best Time to Visit:
Nalanda experiences a hot climate with cool winters and hot summers. The best weather can be experienced here during the winter season, between the months of October and March. During this time of the year, you can experience pleasant and salubrious weather in Nalanda, which will let you take your heritage walks comfortably in the town.
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