Things to Do in Mandawa

Activities to Do in Mandawa

The vacation time calls for exciting things to do in Mandawa. And the adventure of reveling in the phenomenal architectural marvels, from the bygone Rajuputana era in this fairytale town, is an inspiring thing to do here. You can make your Mandawa experience a personalized one by honing your hobbies and engaging in an array of interesting activities. These include capturing breathtaking sights of the Havelis here, practicing popular forms of dance, and trying your hand at the Shekhawati Haveli paintings. One of the most wonderful activities to do in Mandawa is discovering the beguiling desert city on a horse. That is because you get to witness beautiful sceneries, explore cultural discoveries, and have a great deal of fun as a cavalier.

There is more to Mandawa than just horse riding and haveli hopping because here you embark on a camel safari that has a very Prince of Persia vibe to it. Tent stays in the night during such a desert quest is going to be the potential highlight of your vacation. If you are a food lover by nature, then a fascinating thing to do here is to be a part of the yummiest food trails that involve enjoying the Shekhawati, and other contemporary cuisines in the best rooftop restaurants.

And if you love to shop till you drop, then you cannot miss out on shopping for the most adorable souvenirs for your loved ones. So, pack your bags, make your bookings with Thrillophilia, and set forth for Mandawa, because it is waiting to woo you.
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Mandawa Fort
Built in 1755, Mandawa Fort is one of the most important places to visit in Mandawa, to explore Rajput art and culture. The interiors of this fort are influenced by the Sheesh Mahal of Amber Fort, with beautiful mirror inscriptions on its walls and ceilings.

The Darbar Hall of the fort is home to a number of Rajputana paintings and artifacts, with its main entrance being one of the most important attractions. This legendary fort has now been transformed into a heritage hotel by the royalty of Mandawa. Therefore, if you wish to experience the grandeur and beauty of this amazing fort, it is highly recommended for you to stay at this beautiful fort.

Location: Jhunjhunu District, Mandawa.
Murmuria Haveli
Built in the 1930s, Murmuria Haveli is one of the best Mandawa places to see if you are an art lover. This beautiful historical haveli is home to some of the most beautiful paintings of important leaders from ancient times.

It is constructed in the traditional Rajasthani architectural style and attracts a lot of tourists. The paintings inside the Haveli depicts the daily chores of some of the legendary leaders of the bygone era.

Some of the most popular ones amongst them are Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru riding a horse, Lord Krishna depicting his views, and many more. This amazing architectural wonder is a must-visit for all the art and history buffs out there.

Location: Murmuria, Mandawa.
Harlalka Well
You must have heard about stories about wells that can make your wishes come true, well, this is exactly one of them! Almost in ruins, this legendary well is deeper than the ocean and still holds crystal clear water which can reflect back your shadow beautifully.

However, there are no railings around the well, so be careful while leaning above it. It is also believed by the locals that whatever you wish for near this well, it will come true. It is surrounded by 4 sculptural pillars, which beautifully embark upon this historical well. It is one of the most unique Mandawa tourist places. Moreover, it is surely worth a try to try your luck by making a wish at the well!

Location: 3 Ward, Mandawa.
The Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli
It is one of the most important places to visit in Mandawa if you are willing to explore the ancient Rajasthani Art and Culture. The haveli is specifically famous for its beautiful artwork and intricate carvings on its walls and pillars.

Moreover, this Haveli has served as a palace for various Rajput royalty and thus perfectly exemplifies the ancient Rajputana lifestyle. The ancient artworks, murals, and the beautifully carved arched doorways are surely one of the important attractions for all the visitors.

The Haveli also depicts various mythological creatures, including some of the Gods and Goddesses that reflect the ancient faith and beliefs of Rajputs.

Location: Mandawa Rajasthan.
Bansidhar Newatia Haveli
If you want to peek back into the royal and luxurious lives of the Rajput rulers of Rajasthan, this haveli is one of the must Mandawa places to see on your visit. This beautifully crafted haveli will allow you to witness the tradition, art, as well as the technology of ancient times.

The drawings on the walls of this Haveli are quite interesting and unique as compared to the other Rajasthani Havelis of that time. You will find paintings depicting a boy using a telephone, a woman watching the very first successful flight by the Wright brothers, a European woman riding a chauffeur-driven car, and various other such interesting depictions. The brilliant architecture and design of this anciently modern haveli are also worth admiration.

Location: Mandawa, Rajasthan.
The Chokhani Double Haveli
Dating back to 1910, this haveli is named so because it was made in two wings for the families of two brothers of the Chokhani family, prominent merchants of that time.

Some of the most famous paintings which make this Haveli one of the most important Mandawa tourist places are those of lord Krishna, British soldiers, cars, men in Western clothing, peacocks, and floral frescoes. The Haveli features grand courtyards and is one of the best places to be if you want to witness the British Influence on the Rajput rulers as well as the culture of Rajasthan.

Location: Ward No.-05, Mandawa.
Open Air Art Gallery
Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli
This palatial haveli is one of the major places to visit in Mandawa, with its life-like paintings, beautifully depicting the various phases of life. The murals and paintings of this huge Haveli start way apart from the other Havelis of the town.

Some of the intruding images that you will find on the walls of this mansion are a horse riding a tiger, a Greek man, birds tendering their eggs, women giving birth, and various others. Apart from its unique wall arts, the Haveli also houses some of the most intricately carved wooden pieces of art.

It is amongst one of the biggest Havelis of this art town and one of the finest examples of the Rajput era of the 18th Century.

Location: Mandawa, Rajasthan.

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Mandawa Things To Do FAQs

What are the things to do in Mandawa?

1. Camel rides: Desert is the prime highlight of Mandawa. Therefore a camel safari is hands-down one of the most exciting things to do in Mandawa. A tour of this sort is fabulous, and intriguing because you pass through tiny settlements, meet the region’s indigenous tribes, and gain knowledge about the rustic living ways of the people.

Mandawa camel safari is a shorter ride but it takes you around town, and lets you witness the oldest ruins, beautiful monuments, castles and other architectural masterpieces. This ride into the most bewitching sunset has a romantic charm to it that you cannot ignore. You get to travel long distances perched on a camel and fantasize about the several global conquests.

Location: Shekhawati region (north of Jaipur).
Timing: Overnight.
Price: Starts from INR 1,973.74.

2. Horse safaris: Despite camels being the ultimate desert SUVs in Mandawa, you will find the purebred, strong-willed, and courageous “Marwari” horses an equal favorite with the riders. A Horse ride is not only one of the most entertaining things to do in Mandawa but a safari through the sparse terrain of the desert transports you back to historical times.

You get to visit the Castle Mandawa built during 1755 AD. A typical safari day can also involve a horse-back ride into the wildlife sanctuary of Mandawa. Here you can enjoy a delicious lunch under the canopy of the “khejri trees”. Horseback safaris take you across the Mehensar, and Ajitgarh Villages where you marvel at the famous, and traditional Shekhawati houses.

Location: Shekhawati region (north of Jaipur).

3. Shopping in the local market: Shopping is always one of the most satisfying things to do in Mandawa because you can get hold of artistic things that are a treasure for art lovers. You can buy handmade articles, miniature Shekhawati paintings, tie and dye colored textiles, fabrics, accessories, leather footwear, lac bangles, and other accessories.

Location: Government emporiums and Main bazaar.
Timing: 10 AM onwards.

3. Enjoying local cuisine: Trying the Rajasthani fare in the top restaurants of Mandawa is surely one of the most invigorating things to do in Mandawa. These restaurants serve a diverse menu that includes everything from Chinese to international and non-vegetarian to traditional Rajasthani vegetarian delicacies. These include the delicious, daal baati churma, palak panir, laal maas, malai kofta, and the quintessential Rajasthani Kadhi.

Location: Shekhawati, Gwala Rooftop, Nana, and Shekhawati restaurants.

4. Haveli hopping: Having a tour of the numerous Havelis in and around Mandawa can be undeniably exciting. These Havelis have an intriguing collection of the most vividly colorful frescoes that are intricate and exude an old-world charm.

Like if you visit the exquisite Chokhani double haveli then your eyes may affix on its sandstone finish, and the floral intricate arabesque it has. But if you go to the Goenka Double Haveli, then you will gape at the numerous paintings of traditionally-dressed women and men, adorning the interiors.

And if you go to the Bansidhar Newatia Haveli then the modern world’s unique portrayal in the frescoes featuring aeroplanes, telephones, and trains, will stun you. Also, do not miss out on the Murmuria Haveli for its fascinating assemblage of frescoes depicting Jawaharlal Nehru amidst local deities, and Rajasthani elephants.

Location: Murmuria haveli, Bansidhar Newatia, Goenka double, and Hanuman Prasad Goenka Havelis.

5. Cycling tour: If you want to dabble in the rich history and grandeur of Mandawa then set forth on a cycling tour of the Rajasthani city. You will come across gorgeous sights in the form of converted castles with decorative arches, and quaint little colorful villages.

The tour is going to be a memorable one because of the places you visit and the adventure you undergo while soaking in a lot of the Mandawa culture. The difficulty level of a cycling trip is a 3 on 10 so you can imagine how easy it is. That is because the tour happens at a very slow pace for everyone to follow the routes easily. Making your way through the bustling bazaars while being amazed with the distinct royal charm of Mandawa is an experience in itself.

Location: Shekhawati region.

What are the adventure things to do in Mandawa?

1. Touring Mandawa on a cycle: If you are up for an unforgettable experience then one of the most interesting things to do in Mandawa is to traverse with a cycle escaping the city life’s daily chaos.

2. Set forth on a camel safari: Mandawa is the most popular circuit for a safari on the camel. Riding on the ultimate SUV of the desert, the camel is one of the most electrifying activities to do in Mandawa that involves riding into the sundown and fantasizing about Arabian Nights. The best part of such a safari is that you get to spend a starry night in the tented camps.

3. Explore Mandawa atop well-bred Mandawa horses: Horse riding is one of the most thrilling activities to do in Mandawa. During this safari, you explore the picturesque Rajasthani countryside on the “Marwari” horses. Such an experience will transport you back in time as you cross the sparse terrain of the desert through Mandwa’s colorful villages. This ride amid wilderness is sure to stay with you forever.

4. Exploring the undulating sand dunes on a motorcycle: One of the most enthralling activities to do in Mandawa is to set forth on a refreshing and adventure-filled exploration of the undulating sand dunes, and conquering it.

How do I get to Mandawa?

You can get to Mandawa both nationally and internationally. If you are coming from abroad then you have to board a flight to reach the International Airport of Jaipur then further travel via road to reach Mandawa. But if you are to travel in India then you can travel via flight, bus, and train.

- By bus: There are many cities connected to Mandawa by bus and therefore you can board the government of a private bus of your choice to reach the city.

- By train: The nearest railway station is Jhunjhunu that is about 27 kilometers away. There are six trains in total that pass through this railway station and you can board a train from any of the major cities like New Delhi or Jaipur.

- By flight: There is no airport in Mandawa so you have to take a flight to reach Jaipur Airport. This airport lies closest to Mandawa and is well connected to major Indian cities.

What is Mandawa famous for?

Mandawa is famous for its Havelis that have splendid architecture on them. Some of them are the Murmuria Haveli, Chokhani Haveli, Bansidhar Newatia Haveli, and various others.

But apart from the Havelis, it is famous for its popular dance forms, the Shekhawati Haveli paintings, delicious cuisine, and the lac bangles. Other interesting things that make Mandawa famous are leather footwear and the dye fabrics that have several knot techniques on them.

What is the best time to visit Mandwa?

The best time to visit Mandawa is between October and March. Though during this time, Mandawa is known to experience nippier winters but moving and exploring will be a satisfying experience because the days will be warm and nights will be cool. In such pleasant weather, you can visit most wonders in Mandawa without facing any difficulties.

Is Mandawa worth visiting?

Yes, Mandawa is worth visiting because you can discover the countless Havelis here that are on the itinerary of every tourist. Here you can explore the never-ending desert landscape by setting forth on a refreshing bike ride through the sand. Besides, you can also be part of the daring desert safaris that involve camping at nights.

What to buy in Mandawa?

You can buy plenty of unique things in Mandawa and those include colorful dye fabrics with knot techniques on them, wood carvings, lac bangles, and leather footwear.

What are the best things to do near Mandawa?

1. Spending time at the Bungli restaurant: Located near the Bikaner bus stop, the Bungli Restaurant is one of the popular outdoor spots for travelers. You can rise early and enjoy an early morning wholesome breakfast here, do yoga, and even stop for lunch to try their hot tandoori dishes.

2. Visiting the open-air gallery of art: If you want to revel in the beauty of Mandawa’s bygone era then visiting the open-air art gallery can be your true calling. This gallery is well adorned with beautifully designed paintings that depict a story.

3. Offer prayers in the Satyanarayan temple: Located thirty kilometers southeast of Mandawa, you will find Dundlod, an area renowned for the Havelis and fort and the temple. You can offer prayers to Lord Satyanarayan here.

4. Visit the village of Mukundgarh: Located 25 kilometers south-east of Mandawa, you will find the famous and tiny village of Mandawa. This little village is popular for its Havelis and fort.

5. Go on a desert excursion: You can stay in Mandawa but do not miss out on the opportunity to explore the nearby desert landscape. If you have a bike you are traveling with then do not miss out on a refreshing drive to the historic Parsurampur town, the Shekhawati cities, and the small villages.

What are the best places to eat in Mandawa?

1. Gwala Rooftop: Try out the best of Rajasthani cuisine in the Gwala Rooftop restaurant that has two restaurants serving the old “Shekhawati” cuisine, the traditional Rajasthani thali and super delicious shabnam curry.

2. Nana: If you desire a matchless culinary experience that is a combination of international flair and Indian flavors then come over to the Nana Restaurant that uses stellar organic ingredients. You must try out the pizza, pasta, kadhi, and makhani daal here.

3. Jiman: Try out an elaborate spread of affordable Chinese, contemporary Indian, and Rajasthani fare at the Jiman restaurant in Mandawa. You will never get enough of the hot garlic naans and laal maas served here.

4. Shekhawati: What’s a visit to Rajasthan without trying its traditional food? Shekhawati Restaurant serves the lip-smacking special chicken, shahi paneer, jeera aloo, ker sangria, and dal baati churma.

5. Monalisa Rooftop: When in Mandwa you cannot miss out on visiting the Monalisa Rooftop restaurant that is known for its wonderful decor and the lip smacking malai kofta, palak paneer, and chicken biriyani.

Mandawa Things To Do Reviews

Amritambu Nambeesan
Reviewed: 06 Nov 2015
Always a good experience. My kids just love it. Being a member of CSC is surely fun. Its good that they have a tie up. The stay facilities are amazing.
Chandrakin Arora
Reviewed: 25 Jul 2015
Wonderful experience. I went with my friends and wanted to try something new and this was one perfect activity. Great place, just loved the whole sailing experience.
Goutam Mehra
Reviewed: 17 Jul 2015
Sailing at Mandwa was much-much better than all the remaining water sports activities experience I've ever had. Great might take a little time to get comfortable as the techniques solely depend on the wind direction but thanks to all the crew guys who made this worth the effort.
Chandrakala Achari
Reviewed: 10 Jun 2015
While I was cruising over the Mandwa waters, though it was mid-noon, I hardly felt the sun as the sailing experience was so overwhelming and fun packed. Once you know how to master the vessels, you will definitely love to do it again and again. I would suggest everyone to opt for the 5 hours package... Read More
Amish Chopra
Reviewed: 06 May 2015
It was a delightful escapade in Mandwa. For the first time, I got to try my hands on sailing and I found it really interesting. Though was a bit confused and perplexed in the beginning, with time and skilled advice from the sailing guides, I got the skills required and did completed a nice sailing e... Read More
Akshayakeerti Iyengar
Reviewed: 09 Apr 2015
First of all the sailing might appear as an easy task but well it is not! Thanks to all the siling crew and experts who made this an easy and a memorable affair. Loved it....great place!

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