Lombok Tourism, Indonesia: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023

Tourist places in Lombok give tough competition to other similar kinds of tourist destinations all across the globe. The best thing regarding this place is that despite the presence of its superstar neighbor, Bali, the island is able to make a constant buzz and is able to attract visitors who are looking something different from its superstar neighbor.The presence of graceful white-sand beaches, spectacular turquoise bays, lush forest interiors, hiking trails in the course of rice and tobacco fields are just a few things to mention that you will be enjoying in this beautiful part of the world.Lombok is also referred as ‘Unspoiled Bali’. Thus, if you have plans to travel and spend some quality time amidst nature, then this destination is certainly one of the best choices for you.  Accommodation and eateries are, never a problem here. Apart from being lost in the lovely sceneries, there are so many things to do in this wonderful place like shopping, adventure activities, treks and much more.


As the place is not engulfed with many tourists, you can spend more quality time here without much hindrance. This makes this place more suitable for your honeymoon. Spend some amazing time with your partner by losing yourself to the beauty of nature and grab some astonishing memories for the lifetime.Now if you are still thinking whether you shall plan a trip to Lombok or not, then this fact can be a game changer. Here you will come across Gunung Rinjani, which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The summit of this volcano completes with dazzling Crater Lake and hot springs.  Isn’t this amazing? Likewise, there are so many things to explore and refresh you in this awesome place which is all surrounded by some astounding beauty of nature and thrilling adventures.

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People Also Ask About Lombok

  1. Travel Advice

    • Be extremely careful of the drug touts in Lombok. It is going to be really foolish to stop and communicate with a drug dealer as you’ll immediately be under police surveillance. The common trend here is that the buyers get busted and the dealers get away so be very careful.

    • Be wary of the mosquitoes, flies and insects and carry with you a strong mosquito repellant. Bugs and mosquitoes are the most irritating part of a visit to Indonesia.

    • Never underestimate the sun here. It can get really hot here so ensure that you keep yourself hydrated.

    • Carry with you sunscreen and sunglasses.

    • Make sure you have sufficient travel insurance.

    • Always carry your bag around the neck and make sure you have a proper grip on it.

    • Motorbike snatchers are very common here so be alert and aware during the travel.

    • Don’t carry too much cash in the crowded areas.

    • Never flash your valuables in the public places.

    • Never put all your money in one place.

    • Don’t get overfriendly with any stranger here.

    • Be wary of the touts here.

    • Always carry with you a copy of your passport and license.

    • Gather sufficient information before going to any new place.

  2. Drinking Laws

    The legal age for drinking in Lombok is 16 years.

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    Senggigi is said to be the main tourist attraction of Lombok City that is located to the north of the capital, Mataram. It also has a famous Hindu temple by the name “pura batu bolong” where many worshippers seek blessings. There is a grave of famous Muslim Saint “Batu layer” to the south of Senggigi which is an important place to see. The salty yet beautiful waterfall is located at the end of Nambung beach and it is a wonderful place to be explored by tourists.

    Mount Rinjani

    Mount Rinjani (also called Gunung Rijnani) is an active Volcano on the island of Lombok. There is also a crater lake called “Anak laut” worshiped by the sasak tribe and Hindu people who believe it to be sacred and carry out religious activities there. Rinjani National Park attracts thousands of tourists and trekkers that enable them to visit Rim and Caldera. Rinjani is a mixture of nature and adventure that gives every tourist a treat.


    Famous for its beautiful, largely deserted white sand beaches, Kuta has lately gained a lot of popularity due to the international airport that opened recently in Praya. Surfers around the world come to Kuta for a perfect surfing experience. Kuta is a beautiful place to visit and experience adventurous sports like surfing.


    The capital of north Lombok Regency, Tanjung is located in the Indonesian province of west Nussa Tenggara. Tanjung Town is widely popular for its markets and temples. There are various Hindu and Buddhist temples where worshippers come to seek blessings. Also, there are creative and antique products for shoppers. Tourists must visit Tanjung to explore the beautiful temples and shop creative and antique products.


    For those who love to indulge in adventurous sports, Sekotong is probably the best place to visit in Lombok City. Situated in southwest Lombok, it is popular for the numerous and diverse scuba diving locations.

    Culture of Lombok

    Lombok is a very peaceful place for people who wish to take a holiday from all the hullabaloo. Everywhere, in and around, you are only surrounded by nature. A remarkable thing about Lombok is that the culture here is so good that Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists are not just happy but also proud to co-exist on the same island.  

    Lombok’s Festivals

    Cultural diversity of Lombok also paves way for a lot of colorful festivals. One of the most happening and important festivals of Kuta which is located south of the island of Bali in Thailand is Bau Nyale. In this, there is a tradition to catch the sea worms. Usually, it is celebrated around Mid February. Muslims here celebrate Hari Raya after Ramdan. It is a joyful feast that is exotically celebrated in the narrow streets of Kuta. One major celebration here is the Senggigi festival that is a week full of Hindu Cultural events in Senggigi with an idea to promote tourism.  

    Quietness of Lombok

    Lombok is majorly referred to as the pristine Bali. Despite its geographical proximity to Bali, you’ll be amazed to see how quiet it is in comparison to its sister island. One important factor that well attributes to the tranquility of Lombok is its unsubstantial nightclubs and bars that play music from dusk to dawn. Naturally, the nightlife here is not as happening as the other islands of Indonesia. For top notch beaches and a good night sleep, Lombok is your go to place.

    Romantic Lombok

    With infinite stretch of the sensational beaches and a magical volcano, Lombok is an unadulterated beauty. You can easily spot some intimate places that assure a great sunrise and sunset. For honeymooners, this is the perfect tourist attraction.

    Lombok’s Roads

    You know what’s the best thing about Lombok? You’ll never be struck in a traffic jam here. The roads here are quiet and broad. One of the nicest coastal road of Lombok is the road that goes from Senggigi to Pemanang. It assures stunning views all round the day. Besides, the roads here are very clean and well maintained making it easy for you to travel or reach the other parts of the country.  

    Trekking on a volcano in Lombok

    For adventure seekers, trekking at the Mount Rinjani is an important thing to do. Mount Rinjani is the 2nd highest volcano of Indonesia. It is said to be a holy place for Sasak and Balinese. You can finish the trek in a time span of 2 to 6 days. Once you reach the top, indulge in some fishing in the lake and the breathtaking sunrise from the crater rim. Definitely not an easy trek, prepare yourself physically!  

    Surf in Lombok

    Surfing is a very popular water sport in Lombok. The most prominent spot where you can undertake this fun adventure activity is at the Bangko Bangko. Besides this, the Desert point that lies South West of the Island is an equally popular destination. However, the waves here are very dangerous and can be ridden only by professionals.  

    Luxury experiences in Lombok

    For tourists who have a high budget and seek some luxury experiences, a stay in a beautiful resort is indeed worth it. Some of the best resorts here are Tugu and Oberoi. Another must try luxury experience is a spa treatment. You can find the best spa treatments in Senggigi and Jeevaklui .  

    Snorkeling and Diving in Lombok

    Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy diving and snorkeling here. You can ditch the crowds of Gili and drift to the quieter spots located around the coasts of the Lombok. At Sekotong Bay, you’ll be welcomed by the outstanding marine life in the fresh blue green water.  

    Food in Lombok

    Food in Lonbok is usually spicy and delicious at most of the eateries. Do try the Chicken Taliwang which is a major specialty here.

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    Lombok Tourism

  5. When is the best time to Visit Lombok?

    Best time to visit Lombok is similar to that of Bali. You have a choice to visit this destination during the dry season or during the wet season.

    • Dry Season: It runs through the month of May to September and is certainly the bes time to visit the place
    • Wet Season: It runs through October to April and is less preferred time for traveling here.

    However, during December/January although a wet season you will find tourists coming to the place. Meanwhile, if you are looking forward enjoy trek then the dry season is the best one. Thus, plan your trip accordingly.

  6. How to reach Lombok?

    • By Plane: You can reach this wonderful island by hopping through Singapore, Perth and Kuala Lumpur. The International flights are very limited as of now.
    • Through Bali: This is the most common and best route to reach your destination. You can reach Bali easily and from there you can many suitable conveyances. Travelling from the sea from Bali to Lombok is definitely the best idea to start your amazing journey.
  7. What are the things to do in Lombok?

    Sightseeing is definitely one of the topmost activities to do in Lombok. Apart from that, there are so many activities which you can enjoy during the tour. They are as follows:

    • Traditional Massage: Massages of traditional as well as therapeutic in nature can be enjoyed in this part of the world alongside beaches. This is a must try activity to relieve yourself.
    • Snorkeling: Nearby Gili Islands or Senggigi Beach you can go ahead and take the fun of snorkeling to make your trip more enjoyable
    • Surfing
    • Scuba Diving
    • Trekking
    • BikingTours
    • Fishing Charters: You can charter a boat which is professionally organized to get on the beach and take the pleasure of fishing
    • Shopping Pearls: The Island is known as one of the best producers in the world. Thus, travelers hunt for iconic gold pearls in this region of the earth.
  8. What is the local food of Lombok? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    In Bahasa Indonesia, the term Lombok means ‘Chili Pepper’, thus it can be anticipated that the local cuisine is bound to be a spicy one. Some of the best local dishes of the area are:

    • Ayam Taliwang: The exact recipe of the dish is a matter of dispute, though the interpretations are it is a chicken which is coated with red sauce and flavored with turmeric, galangal, and tomato.
    • Pelecing: It is a spicy sauce which is used in many dishes
    • Kelor: It is a hot soup mixed with vegetables.
    • Sares: It is another popular dish which is made of banana palm pith, coconut juice, and chili. Also, sometimes meat is also mixed with it.

    Above were few of the popular food which you can try in this wonderful destination. There are many restaurants on the island where you can try the local cuisine. You can find the local cuisines almost anywhere in the town.

  9. What is the best public transport to commute around Lombok?

    • By Bemos: These are passenger carrying minivans usually used for short or medium distance journey.
    • By Taxi: You can use metered taxi to roam around the city.
    • By renting car
    • By renting motorbike
    • By horsecarts
    • By boats
    • By Bicycle

    Above are the general modes of transport used in the place. You can opt for anyone as per your need and convenience

  10. What is the local language in Lombok and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The local language used in Lombok is Bahasa Indonesia. If you desire to learn few common phrases locally before your trip then it is definitely not a bad idea. Some of the common greetings are:

    • Terima Kasih means Thank you
    • Selamat Siang means Good day
    • Apa Kabar means How are you
    • Berapa Jauh means How far
  11. Which are the best shopping places in Lombok and what are they famous for?

    None of your leisure tours can be completed without shopping. There are numbers of shops and stores around the metropolis from where a shopaholic can do lots of purchasing. Here visitors take explore local handmade items, some high quality, and unique products. Due to the presence of highly skilled craftsmanship, you can purchase items like jewelry, furniture, clothes and more which are simply mantelpiece and simply hard to find in anyone’s wardrobe or house. The price is another thing for which the term eye-watering is most appropriate. Among all the above description how can you forget the Antique’s if you are an antique lover, then there is no reason why you should not be in this place.

  12. Which are some famous treks to do in Lombok?

    When it comes to trekking in Lombok, the first place you will come across is Mount Rinjani. It is an active volcano area of the country which is mentioned earlier. During this trekking trip, you will get the experience of adventure, awesome sceneries, rain forest, waterfalls, wildlife, hot springs, pristine lake, caves, interesting culture and of course the volcano. Apart from this, there are also many short treks also.

  13. Where can I do adventure activities in Lombok?

    We have already mentioned on what to do activities in this splendid destination. Now following are some places where you can enjoy the thrill in such adventure:

    • Magnificent beaches: You can enjoy your snorkeling and scuba diving in the beaches
    • Gili Island: It is another wonderful destination where you can do above activities
    • The best place to enjoy trekking is Mount Rinjani
    • Kuta: The area nearby Kuta is truly a surfer’s paradise
  14. What are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Lombok?

    As there is less number of tourist counts in Lombok, it is regarded as one of the best places for a couple for their honeymoon. They can easily lose themselves (together of course) amidst some true beauty of nature which is described above. Other activities which one may look forward are as follows

    • Romantic Candlelight dinner
    • Wandering on Rice Field
    • Spending time in beach

    Again this is a very personal aspect thus; you are the best one to plan your honeymoon as per your taste and bonding with your partner.

Newly Added Lombok Experience

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