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About Kurnool

The city of Kurnool is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. This city is often referred to as The Gateway of Rayalaseema. Although the region of Kurnool is ancient, with many historical events and landmarks to its name, modernisation of the area started right after it was established in the 16th century, with the construction of the Konda Reddy Fort.

Kurnool is a picturesque town, with the Tungabhadra River running parallel to the lush green Nala Malas Mountain Range. There are several beautiful tourist spots such as Mahanandi, Mantralayam, Belum Caves and Nallamala Forests, which enhance the natural beauty of the place.

There are several major tourist attractions in Kurnool. Some of the places you must visit while touring the town includes the Ahobilam Temple, Belum Caves, Yaganti Temple, Mahanandi Temple, Sakshi Ganapati Temple,  Shikaresvara Temple, Nava Narasimha Temple, etc. The Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve is home to over 72 tigers, and if you are a lover of nature, you can visit other places such as Oravakallu Rock Garden and Shivaji Spoorthy Kendra.

The landscape and geography of Kurnool allow tourists to participate in several exciting activities that are bound to make their trip memorable. For example, trekking in the Konda Reddy Fort, visiting the famous Dakshina Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, exploring the culture and history of Kurnool by visiting the Archaeological Museum Kurnool, visiting the Kurnool City Outdoor Stadium, the Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary are some of the more popular activities.

The city of Kurnool is situated at an elevation of 285 metres above sea level, therefore, the climate here is a local steppe climate. The average temperature remains around 28 degrees Celsius with very little rainfall in the area in and around Kurnool. The winters in Kurnool are not very cold, and it is considered the best time to visit if you want to experience the best in the city.

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