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About Kalmar
Kalmar is one of the popular summer places to visit in Sweden. During this season, the city comes to life, and the ambiance is so vibrant and jolly that you would want nothing but to settle there for the season. It's located on the southeast coast of Sweden and is the third-largest populous city in Småland. This coastal city is the hub of lively festivals, bustling streets, and crowded markets. Several tourist attractions are there, including the historical places which delineate the Danish culture. Despite having such an urban charisma, Kalmar is also a place of nature reserves you must explore during your visit.

The first place you should start with is the Kalmar castle. The Danish empire constructed it to protect the city from pirates. Now, it's more a museum and a remembrance of the past. For an exciting day trip, you can visit the nearest island of Öland. It's full of historical treasures which you will find interesting. Shopping is one of the main activities in this busy summer town.

The two main areas are the Giraffe with around thirty shops and the Hansa City consisting of twenty-five shops. If you visit the city in August, you will surely be blown away by the extraordinary City Festival.
Kalmar experiences nice and warm weather during the summer season. This is why it receives over a hundred thousand tourists during the summer months.
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