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Kalimpong is an offbeat hill station which is located at an elevation of 4101 ft above sea level, overlooking the dramatic curves of the Teesta River in West Bengal. The sightseeing tour in Kalimpong encompasses unique offerings of the British colonial buildings and natural wonders that it is now becoming a hot spot for mountain lovers. It used to be a trade route between India and Tibet until China’s annexation of Tibet. The blooming flower bulbs, rhizomes, tubers and a wide variety of orchids in this Himalayan town are the major source of horticulture as the favourable climate helps in blanketing the entire region in magical colours! The wide array of native orchids and gladioli boosts the export industry in particular. The town is nestled on a ridge that connects two major Himalayan hills which are Deola Hill and Durpin hill. These two hills are the highest points of Kalimpong. The Deola Hill touches a height of approximately 5591 ft. and Durpin Hill is at an elevation of 4501 ft.

The town is separated by the mighty River Teesta from Sikkim, and Darjeeling is another touristy neighbour to this quaint hamlet. World’s third tallest peak Mount Kanchenjunga, which sits at an elevation of 28,169 ft., can be witnessed from Kalimpong. The sunrise is the best time to watch the peak because the magical hour turns the entire white snow-clad pinnacle into a glittering golden summit! Kalimpong sightseeing expeditions are best ventured out in summer and springs as the mild climate and the pleasant breezy and sunny surroundings turn the valley into a picture-perfect location. Another interesting fact about Kalimpong is that it the major ginger-growing and producing town of India.

On your sightseeing tour in Kalimpong, the sight of undulating tea estates, which contribute a total of 4% to the Darjeeling tea production, the gurgling sound of River Teesta, the sky-soaring Himalayan ranges and the neo-gothic architectural remnants will keep you engrossed. Kalimpong will flatter you with its natural beauty, and historical significance. Kalimpong sightseeing generally includes a tour of Cactus Nursery, Durpin Dara Hill, Deola Hill, Gallingka, Morgan House, St. Teresa Catholic Church and Durpin Monastery etc. This small hamlet envelops more than a dozen major sightseeing points and you need to spend days to fully cover the hill station. You will be amazed to know that you can even engage in activities like trekking the entire region including parts of Darjeeling and Gangtok and river rafting in Teesta River which starts at Melli Bridge and culminates at Geilkhola.

Biking from Lava to Sevoke via Algara, Gorubathan, and Damdim is a 100 KM long adventure where you get to devour some Nepali meals and witness the raw geographical wonder of the region. In order to decorate your wardrobe with wares and artefacts from China, Tibet, and Bhutan, you must stroll the Teesta Market in the downtown. From a range of silver and copper wares to daggers, thangkas, teacups, lanterns, jewellery items and footwear etc. can be purchased at this vibrant hill market. Another interesting corridor of Kalimpong is the archetypal houses, one of which is Morgan House which is a colonial architecture and is famous as ‘Haunted House.’ The Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. took charge of the House a couple of years ago and has turned it into a guesthouse for visitors. Another such example of colonial architecture is Galingka, which is a British bungalow with a spectacular view of the majestic Kanchenjunga.

As Kalimpong is the heart of horticulture, Cactus Nursery is where you will find all the flowers blooming in their different shades around a beautiful backdrop of the Himalayas. With a king-sized golf course and the resonating sound of the chants from the Zang Dhok Palri Monastery, Durpin Dara Hill can leave you in an awe-struck state for hours. If you want to view the entire town of Kalimpong in one panoramic vista, and want to capture a magical sunset or sunrise then head up to Deola Hill which is situated at an elevation of 2000 meter above sea level. Thongsa Gompa is a Bhutanese Monastery which dates back to the year 1692. Durpin Monastery also known as Jang Dong Palriffo Brang Gompa is associated with Dalai Lama and Kalimpong is stated to be the land of Lama. The sacred site has many engrossing paintings and Bhutanese styled marvels to glance at. One of the oldest Gompas in the region is Tharpa Choeling Monastery which is nestled in the Tirpai Hills of the valley. Built-in Tibetan style architecture and shines like marbles in white, the St. Teresa Catholic Church is a sight to behold.

It is also a Bhutanese Gompas made by local craftsman. Kalimpong sightseeing tour is an engrossing activity that cannot be done in a day. It has so much to offer, every sight is enriched with stories and purpose. As it is known worldwide that the northeastern belt of India is dipped in wildlife and greenery, Kalimpong can be another memorable place for your safari adventure. Embark on a trip to the Neora National Park which sprawls on an area of 88 sq. km. The untouched terrains of the park and the inaccessible area of the park due to a thick covering of dense and highly grown forest fascinate every adventurer and nature explorer.

Kalimpong is a gem of all the hill stations in India, unwrapping the folds of this place brings surprises at every end. The place has a plethora of places to explore and soak in the tranquility of the idyllic mountain town. The proximity to Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Gangtok provides you ample opportunity to create an itinerary of interesting places around this Golden Triangle. Kalimpong is a lesser-known Himalayan town which when explored pours you with ecstasy and excitement.

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