Things to Do in Jibhi

Serolsar Lake

Serolsar Lake, nestled in the picturesque hills of Himachal Pradesh, India, is a hidden gem of tranquility. Surrounded by lush forests, this pristine alpine lake offers a serene escape for trekkers and nature enthusiasts. The emerald waters and serene ambiance make it a perfect offbeat destination to rejuvenate the soul.

Jibhi Waterfall

The enchanting Jibhi Waterfall is nestled in the Himalayan mountains of India. Its cascading waters create a picturesque scene amidst lush greenery. A popular destination for nature enthusiasts, the waterfall's serene beauty and soothing sounds offer a refreshing escape.

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Shiv Kumar
Reviewed: 01 Jun 2023
Very nice & great tour, beautiful package & awesome time spent. Package by Thrillopilia were great. Will use in coming days & recommended to all.
Vasundhara Asan
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
Jalori Pass trek was simply 'Awesome' nice guide leads the group nicely, we witness the beautiful lake, fort, and wildlife
Devi Pilla
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
The place is absolutely stunning, the campsite is at the perfect location, Nice arrangement done by Thrillophilia love it really

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