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About Halmstad
Another amazing Swedish city off the west coast is that of Halmstad. Halmstad is a beach city, especially known for the golf course, which attracts many tourists during the summers. Even though the city comes under the rule of the Swedish royal family at present, this wasn’t the case back until the 17th century. This is because till the end of the 17th century, the Danish royal family used to rule this area, and that's why Halmstad's past is quite intriguing. Apart from this, you will love the openness of the white sandy beaches and the long stretch of clear, blue ocean water.

Halmstad is divided into old and modern parts by the long stretch of the quaint and calm Nissan River. Near to this river, you will find the famous fishing spot of Salmon Island towards the northern direction. One of the most romantic sites in Halmstad is that of the Galgberget Castle with a long viewing tower and special shady trees.

You can go on a fishing trip in the Nissan River, which is famous for salmon mainly. If you want to discover the local culture of Halmstad, take a tour of the shops and fulfill your stomach at the local eateries in Storgatan. For a peaceful afternoon, you can visit the Stadsbibliotek for reading books from different genres while enjoying the wonderful waterfront view.
Since it is a beach city, the weather remains warm even during the winters. But, in the inland areas, snowfall is common. This is why May and June are the busiest summer months in Halmstad.
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