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About Gandhinagar

Situated on the west coast of Sabarmati River, this city was named after the great freedom fighter and Father of The Nation of India, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Located 32km to the north of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar is the epitome of rich cultural heritage. Gandhinagar offers you the climate and atmosphere that is difficult to find around these days.

The city engulfs you in its pace in such a manner that you may find it hard to come back. It puts you away from the chaotic world and brings peace to you and your soul. Often referred to as the commercial and cultural heart of Gujrat, Gandhinagar presents the spacious, well-organized look of an architecturally integrated city. The city encompasses various eye gazing and enthralling places to explore. It offers a rich cultural heritage, beautiful temples and tranquil environment to all its visitors.

There are various things to do in Gandhinagar; from visiting Akshardham Temple, one of India's biggest and most beautiful temples to mapping Craftsmen village, from trying Undhiyu to Khandvi, from attending the khadi festival to buying local specialities, you’ll find endless reasons to fall in love with this city. The city also has a small Khadi Gram or Khadi village where the traditional khadi clothes are prepared, but these days it has been turned into a tourist attraction also where tourists can also go and learn how to make cloth from original wool.

Also known as the green city, Gandhinagar stores in everything that will give you a hell of lifetime experiences. It is also popularly known as the Tree Capital of India as 54% of its land is covered with trees. This makes it a perfect place for a long weekend holiday. Gandhinagar also has extensive green parks and recreational areas which further adds to the list of fun things you can do after coming to the city. This was just the beginning, here are a few more exciting places that you can visit in Gandhinagar :

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Gandhinagar FAQ's

What are the best places to visit in Gandhinagar?

1. Akshardham Temple: The Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar is one true example of fine Indian architecture and craftsmanship. Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, Akshardham temple is one of the largest and most well-known temples in Gujarat and is also one of the major pilgrimage destinations.

The temple is surrounded by wide gardens and a small lake. Recently, they also started an amazing first-of-its-kind laser water show and amazing light and sound show, which is definitely a must-see. Visiting this temple in Gandhinagar is as important as coming to this city in the first place.

2. Adalaj Step Well: Situated 20km from Gandhinagar, the Adalaj Step Well was founded by Queen Rudabai in 1499A.D. The entire architecture is an excellent example of the intelligence of the engineers and architects India had even at that time. As soon as you enter inside the well you experience a sudden soothing in the environment. Its walls and pillars are decorated with flowers, birds, leaves etc and other beautiful patterns.

3. Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park: Also known as the Deer Park, Indroda Park is India's very own home of Dinosaurs. This park is also believed to be the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the whole world. It is one of the most popular tourist's attractions and ranks among the unmissable things to do in Gandhinagar. It is divided into various parts such as Snake Park, Birds Park, Marine section, Earth Section, Botanical Gardens etc. Huge life-size statues of Dinosaurs are kept there with a brief description panel beside it which contains the information regarding it.

4. Craftsmen Village: Craftsmen Village is situated about 8km from Gandhinagar in Pethapur village on the banks of river Sabarmati. It is home to a large number of ancient local craftsmen. You can get lots of amazing experiences from witnessing the Gujarati culture and traditions through art and crafts, wood carvings, and other activities that take place in this village. Also known as Shilpgram, Craftsmen Village is one of the best places for shopping things such as handmade clay pots, wooden printed blocks, traditionally handcrafted clothes, Bandhani saree etc. in Gandhinagar.

5. Children's Park: Children's Park is one of the prominent attractions for tourists in Gandhinagar. It also caters as a big fascination for visitors amongst all age groups, be it kids or adults. The park has several water rides and a small lake with boating facilities for children. It also has an amusement park with various rides such as mini trains etc. and other activities for both kids and adults. Located in the heart of the city, it is quite a place for a day outing.

6. Sarita Udhyan: Sarita Udhyan is one of the main gardens in Gandhinagar covered with lush green trees and plants all around. They are also known as the healthy lungs of the city, which further enhances the beauty of the Gandhinagar city even more. Located adjacent to the Deer Park, Sarita Udhyan serves as the best place for tourists to sit, relax or have a picnic with the near and dear ones after a tiring day around the city.

7. GIFT Tower: GIFT Tower is the tallest building in Gujarat. It is the first tower to be built inside the Gujarat International Finance Tech(GIFT) city that is being planned as a global centre for financial services by the government. The building is an excellent work of architecture and is hard to miss. This 72-story building is the second tallest skyscraper and has beautiful terrace gardens and roof-top restaurants to enjoy. 

What is famous in Gandhinagar?

Gandhinagar is an exquisitely advanced and highly planned city. There are so many things in Gandhinagar that makes it the well-known city it is today. Some of those famous things are:

1.The great freedom struggle of Mahatma Gandhi and how he helped set up the Sabarmati ashram.
2. The cultural and traditional richness of Khadi Village.
3. India’s biggest and the most beautiful Akshardham Temple and it’s architecture.
4. Learning local art and handmade things of Craftsmen Village.
5. Visiting the famous Trimandir.
6. Shopping for traditional and antique items in Shilpgram.
7. Exploring the great Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park

When was Gandhinagar established?

Gandhinagar was established around 1960 due to the separation of Mumbai into two states, namely Gujarat and Maharashtra. Since then Mumbai is a part of Maharashtra and Gandhinagar became a part of the state of Gujarat.

Are Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad the same?

No Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad are not the same cities. They both are two different cities lying in the same state of Gujarat. Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat situated 32km away towards the northeast of Ahmedabad.

Why Gandhinagar is called Green City?

Gandhinagar is called Green city since 54% of its land is covered with trees. Gandhinagar has acres of green land and has various gardens and parks all around the city.

How can I reach Gandhinagar?

AIR: The nearest airport to Gandhinagar is the Ahmedabad Airport which provides connectivity to the major domestic cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc as well as international flights to USA, UK, Dubai etc. From there, you can take a bus, cab/car to Gandhinagar which is a 23km journey and a 40 minutes drive.

RAIL: In Gandhinagar, the main railway station is located in sector 14. It has pretty good connectivity to major cities on western railway line such as Jaipur, Delhi etc. Also, the Ahmedabad railway station which is only 24km away is well connected to major cities all over the country such as Mumbai, Delhi etc.

ROAD: Gujarat has one of the best-developed road networks in India. Gandhinagar is well connected by road to various major cities of India like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad etc.

How far is Gandhinagar from Ahmedabad?

Gandhinagar is situated 32km away from Ahmedabad.

Which are the best places to stay in Gandhinagar?

Gandhinagar is loaded with hotels and resorts in and around the city.Few of those pocket-friendly places to stay are:

Hotel Kalash: Located 2.4km from the Children's Park, Hotel Kalash is situated in one of the prime locations in the city. The hotel provides all the necessary amenities such as Breakfast, Free wifi, Free parking and also you can order lunch and Dinner at any time from the hotel menu. They have both Ac/NonAc rooms. The hotel also has a nice connectivity to all the major attractions of the city. It has 24*7 available room service and attached bathroom and washroom. Overall they offer you a comfortable stay at an affordable price.

Price: Rs 1209/night.

Hotel AVN: Hotel AVN is located 0.2km from the Akshardham Temple, one of the most popular places in Gandhinagar. They cater to all the needs of the tourists and provides facilities like Breakfast, Add on lunch and Dinner, Free wifi, Free parking and an active 24*7 room service. They have different types of rooms ranging for a double bed to master size bedrooms which are both Ac and non Ac. The hotel also has a 24*7 running restaurant from where you can order directly to your room. Hotel Avn provides all the facilities and a nice peaceful stay at a very good price.

Price: Rs. 1794/night

Hotel Siddharth Inn: Situated 2.5km away from the children's park. Hotel Siddharth Inn is an OYO group hotel, which can also be directly booked from the OYO app. They provide all the amenities including, Breakfast, Free wifi and parking. They also have an easy cancellation policy. The hotel is situated in a prime location which is near to th other main places in the city. They have an extraordinary service available 24*7 and have a great ambience.

Price: Rs.2065/night

Hotel The Grand Pritam: Hotel The Grand Pritam is situated 3.2km from the Sarita Udhyan It caters to all the facilities and includes Breakfast, Free parking and wifi. They also have a currency exchange counter in the hotel itself, they have great room service which makes you feel at home and comfortable accommodation. They also have both non Ac and Ac rooms with the best amenities. The hotel also has several restaurants nearby which serve food throughout the day both veg- non-veg.

Price: Rs.2409/night

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