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About Eger
Blessed with beautifully conserved baroque structures, Eger is located in northern Hungary. It is a gem of Hungary places to visit and has loads of exciting things to do and see. The town impresses with its charming medieval atmosphere while its vineyards make a picturesque backdrop. Blessed with natural scenery and hilly surroundings, it also has several thermal baths that help soothe your aching muscles and body in Mother Nature's lap.

Its hilltop castle reflects the rich and notorious past whereas the Ottoman minaret impresses with its grandeur and architect. Several churches and colossal basilica are marvelous ancient structures, however, renovated Turkish baths are popular for offering refreshing experiences. When in Eger, don't forget to taste different wines while exploring different cellars in the Valley of Beautiful Women, especially the celebrated Eger Bull's Blood.

Along with wine, the town is also loved for its adventure sports such as hiking, horse riding, paragliding, and thrilling outdoor excursions. Eger falls in a mountainous area and experiences a nice climate with warm summers and pleasantly cold winters. The summer season is the peak period in terms of tourism and the prices of the attractions and the accommodations soar during that time.
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