Water Sports in Candolim: Book @ Upto 20% OFF

The long-stretched coastline, calm waters, and colorful skies form an ideal environment for Candolim beach water sports and satiate the adventure freak in you. Water sports are popular activities to get some adrenaline rush in Candolim. These are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike all day long. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this beach has something for everyone. For those who fancy water activities will definitely love to visit Candolim to have a lot of thrilling experience.

So, discover various water sports in Candolim and have an exciting and adventurous vacation. Take on the jet ski or enjoy the banana boat ride with family or friends and test your balancing skills on the waves. Diving lovers can explore the depths of the ocean and get enchanted with vibrant marine life. And it's just a few to name; there is so much more to indulge in Candolim beach water sports to soothe your yearning adventurous soul.

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Snorkeling In Goa With Grand Island Trip


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Transport Included
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Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Grand Island, Goa, IndiaActivity Duration: 6-8 Hours (approx.)Starting Point: Sinquerim Boat JettyPick-up/ Drop locations: You will be picked up from the following areas :Arpora: 07:00 AM to 07:30 AMBaga: 07:30 AM to 08:00 AMCalangute: 07:30 AM to 08:00 AMCandolim: 08:00 AM to 08:30 AMActivity Timings: 07:00 AM to 06:00 PMAge Limit: Above 10 YearsAbout Snorkeling In Goa With Grand Island Trip:Grand Island implies as a tropical island catering to the picturesque glimpses of the shores of the Arabian Sea and an amazing water world consisting of dreamlike natural beauty. In addition to witnessing the scenic beauty of the beaches, you can also experience the adventure of watersports like snorkeling. Grand Island offers one of the best underwater experiences in Goa with its clear water and beautiful marine life.

465 Ratings


465 Ratings

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₹ 2,099

₹ 1,399 per Adult

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Grand Island Goa Tour With Scuba Diving


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Activity Location: Grand Island, Goa, IndiaActivity Duration: 6-8 Hours (approx.)Starting Point: Sinquerim Boat JettyPick-up/ Drop locations: You will be picked up from the following area's Hotel Locations;Arpora: 07:00 AM to 07:30 AMBaga: 07:30 AM to 08:00 AMCalangute: 07:30 AM to 08:00 AMCandolim: 08:00 AM to 08:30 AMActivity Timings: 07:00 AM to 06:00 PMAge Limit: Above 12 Years
Very Good

1107 Ratings


1107 Ratings

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₹ 1,499 per Adult

Zmeuy575otwlgqeusw7emy5wn6e2 1586176797 goa sports3 2ji7ci1t2n7bfrm3g5zakpje0rti 7 3joaru1p5nz9fo4t7yji5v0u8k1u 1465265727 speed boat G7iuul69ch4630ta2rxqaur8kflg 6 X9lf714lk35uepsyfaiptpd9n7b2 1675854668
Candolim Beach Water Sports North Goa
Activity Location: Candolim Beach, North GoaActivity Time: Between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PMActivity Duration: 1 hourAge Limit: Above 12 yearsAbout Candolim Beach Water Sports, North Goa:Candolim beach located at a distance of 15 km from Panjim in North Goa is one of the longest beaches in the state and offers absolute calmness and views of sparkling water of the Arabian sea.Book this package and relish some wonderful time with your friends while trying these exciting activities like parasailing, speed boat ride, banana ride, jet ski, and bumper ride. Experience the scenic beauty of Candolim beach from the sky as you fly in the sky. Book with Thrillophilia to enjoy super exciting activities that perfectly blend to provide you with the best holiday memories. 

811 Ratings


811 Ratings

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₹ 1,650

₹ 1,199 per Adult

People Also Ask About Water Sports in Candolim

  1. Which are some famous adventure activities in Candolim?

    Scuba Diving - Candolim is a ravishing place for people interested in Scuba Diving, that too at a reasonable price. Tourists often love to visit here for scuba diving because there are a good number of unimaginable experiences under the sea. This beach in Goa is a paradise for divers as it provides you with flawless adventure around diverse fisheries and vibrant corals. You can also get a chance to encounter the best reefs in the world. Moreover, you will be experiencing this remarkable underwater activity in Candolim with the best safety gear and trainers.
    Cost: INR 4500 per head
    Duration: 1 hour

    Windsurfing - Windsurfing is a mixture of sailing and surfing, thus, making it one of the exceptional water sports in Candolim. The breeze caressing your face and tryst with the calm water would make you cherish the excellence of this water activity. Your adrenaline thrust would get high, and you will feel overwhelmed. Thus, it's amongst those Candolim beach water sports that are often loved by the pros and beginners alike. Even the experts and the trainers suggest Candolim beach as one of the most suitable places for windsurfing lovers.
    Cost: INR 1000 per head
    Duration: 1 hour

    Snorkeling - Another refreshing water sport that you can opt to explore the underwater world in Candolim beach is snorkeling. Put on your diving mask with a tube called snorkel and enjoy snorkeling while viewing the diverse species of beautiful fish. You can spot the schools of angelfish, barracudas, batfish, snappers, lionfish, and much more. This activity does not require any skills; thus, any person can choose it. Children or adults both will enjoy this water sport. So, get ready to be swept by the rich marine diversity in this hours-long water sports Candolim beach Goa.
    Cost: INR 1100 per head
    Duration: 3 hours

    Boating - Visualize sailing in a boat across the Arabian Sea, offering a pretty calm sailing ground surrounded by the tropical climate of Goa. It is a perfect choice during consistent weather conditions. So, head to Candolim beach, sign up for the private boating trip and unwind in its tranquil environment. Also, couples can enjoy a sunset boat ride for a romantic moment. The charm of the clear blue sky and the glittering sea around create majestic aura. This water activity is available only from December to January.
    Cost: Starting from INR 450 per head
    Duration: 1 hour

    Flying Fish- Flying fish activity happens above the sea where you will be sitting on the rubber inflatable boat that resembles a fish. This new water activity at Candolim is performed with the group of three. You can either sit as riding on the bike or lay down on the boat tied to high-speed boat. As the boat speeds you get to enjoy the thrill by flying around like a kite. You will love to admire the sea and thrill in the air surrounded by beautiful atmosphere. This water activity is an adrenaline rushing choice to try with friends or family.
    Cost: INR 2000 per head (Approx)
    Duration: 20 min

    Kayaking - Kayaking is a peaceful water activity that is not too challenging. You will be paddling your course through the backwaters, thickets, and rivers of Candolim. The reason many people opt for one of these water sports in Candolim is that they get to appreciate the spectacular view during the voyage. You can enjoy this water sport in the season between October to May because the sea is calm, and the currents are moderate in these months. So, have a fun-filled time by leaving all the daily life stress behind.
    Cost: INR 1300 per head
    Duration: 3 hours

    Flyboarding - Want to enjoy some adventure just like your favorite actor does in a movie? Then flyboarding is a sport for you. This ultimate water sport is a combination of jetpack and jet ski, where your fly board will be fastened with a jet ski. You will fly as high as 15 m above the waves, gliding and showing some stunts in the air. As the fly board races off over the water, you will be pulled up in the air. No doubt, this most adventurous water sports in Candolim is not for the faint-hearted people. So, brave up and have a tryst with the waves.
    Cost: Starting from INR 2799 per head
    Duration: 10 to 30 min

    Jet Ski Ride - Jet Skiing is the top-rated water activity in Candolim that you must try on your Goa holidays. It is an ideal dose of adrenaline for people of all ages. Also known as a water scooter, you will enjoy the droplets of water and wind in your face, speeding on the constant spread of cerulean seas of the Arabian Sea. Also, novices will be trained first to master the balance, and then you are good to glide on the waters. It is one of those water sports Candolim beach goa that you are sure to enjoy.
    Cost: INR 1500 per head
    Duration: 15 min

  2. Is it worth visiting Candolim for water activities?

    Yes, Candolim is one of the favorite choices among tourists to enjoy water activities. The clean beaches and calm waves here offer a perfect setting to take part in various water activities safely. Here you will get a plethora of options to choose from, like scuba diving, snorkeling, water scooter, boating, banana boat ride, kneeboarding, and much more.

  3. Can we do scuba diving at Candolim Beach?

    Yes, Candolim beach is the best spot to do Scuba Diving. Both amateur and expert divers can do this one among the most famous Candolim beach water sports. The diving session is your chance to discover the exotic underwater world of Goa.

  4. What is the best time to visit Candolim Beach for water sports?

    March to May is the best time to visit Candolim beach for water sports. It is, no doubt, one of the perfect times, as you can enjoy the best water sports opportunities at the beach's relaxed surroundings.

  5. What will be the cost of surfing in Candolim Beach?

    The cost of surfing in Goa ranges from INR 3000 to INR 10000. The price will vary according to the time session and service provider. There are also classes available to teach surfing to kids that cost about INR 5000. Also, remember that the surfing season in Goa is between October to April.

  6. Can kids also do water activities at Candolim?

    Yes, kids can indulge in the majority of water activities available at Candolim. These activities include snorkeling, banana boat ride, scuba diving, boating, surfing, kneeboarding, and kayaking. Though some of the water sports have age limitations that you need to follow.

  7. What clothes should I wear in Goa?

    You should mostly wear comfortable clothes when vacationing in Goa. Women can wear cotton tops, shorts, tank tops, sarong, beachwear, monokinis, midi dresses, loose fitted trousers, cover-ups, maxi dresses, long skirts, and playsuits. In accessories, go for scarves, sunglasses, flip flops, and hats. Men can wear cotton tees, tank tops, shorts, floral shirts, chinos, joggers, caps, crocs, flip flops, and sunglasses.

  8. Is it safe to do water sports at Candolim?

    Yes, it is safe to indulge in water sports at Candolim. The participants will be completely secure as everyone will be given life jackets or other safety gear, as needed. Also, you will be trained or guided by the appointed water sports experts.

  9. What happens in case of any medical emergency during water sports?

    If you undergo any kind of emergency during water sports, don't panic, as a lifeguard will be near you who will instantly take action to keep you safe and help you when as needed. He will have safety items with him to provide you with the assistance that includes a first aid kit, flashlights, maps, and a toolbox. Also, the fully trained lifeguard with you will perform proper CPR if needed.

    Additionally, be careful and follow some guidelines such as:
    - Obey warning signs and rules instructed by the trainer before performing the water activity.
    - Do not go beyond the restricted area.
    - Always wear a life jacket while performing any water activity.
    - Avoid boating in adverse weather.
    - Reach to the nearest hospitals as soon as possible.

  10. What is the minimum age required for water activities in Goa?

    The minimum age requirement depends on what Candolim beach water sports you are choosing. For scuba, the minimum age is 10 years, for parasailing 16 years, and jet skiing 12 years. Furthermore, some of the water activities have no set age limit, which includes banana boat ride and boating.

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