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Thrillophilia is the right door to knock on for Canberra Packages because you get great offers and discounts for a budget-friendly tour. The tours give the visitors a new experience of the Australian culture and discover a country which created an identity of its own despite being influenced by many nations. These packages also provide immense opportunity for the visitors to indulge in some of the most popular outdoor activities during the trip. You can also indulge in the celebrations of the ‘Floriade’ festival if you arrange your trip during the commencement of the spring season. Book a package right away that suits your taste and requirement and leave the rest to us.

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Canberra Tour faqs

Which are the best Places to visit on a Canberra Tour?

1. Canberra Railway MuseumIt is a small place in the Australian capital. The antique look of this museum makes it a must-visit place. The best thing about this place is that you get hands-on experience to steer the previous train cars and explore them. Just a small tip, keep an additional 15-minutes in hand to experience the train ride to Ryswick and back. A trip to the museum is included in our Canberra Tour Package.

Location: Geijera Place, off dancer Street, Kingston, capital of Australia Territory, Australia, 2604.
Opening Hours: Daily: 10 am - 3 pm.
Entry prices: Adult $5.0. Special events excluded. Youngsters under the age of 2 square measure free.

2. Beijing GardenCanberra is also famous for Beijing Garden. It is an ancient Chinese garden at intervals of Lennox Gardens, on the formation of Lake Burley’s mythical monster. It is a traditional Chinese gate that signifies welcoming guests. The Chinese tent in the garden allows an area for pleasure from the garden's serenity and pleasantness. It is a must-visit place during a Canberra Trip.

Location: Flynn Drive, Yarralumla.

3. Telstra TowerThe Telstra Tower is also known as a black mountain tower. It was previously known as Telecom Tower. It is a telecommunications tower lookout situated 640ft above the summit of Black Mountain in the capital city of Canberra. It shows panoramic views of the city and its surrounding countryside. It is an architect to admire during your Canberra Trip. If you plan to include this in your Canberra Packages, contact us as we include the Telstra Tower in our Canberra Tour Package.

Location: Canberra, Australia.

4. Lake Burley GriffinIt is an obvious saying that a person in Canberra visits Lake Burley Griffin. It is usually listed as the first place to be visited in the Canberra Tour Package. It is a pleasant destination to visit as it consists of a loop walk around the park. The views are beautiful all year round, though the best time to visit is the spring season. You have an option for a leisurely cruise around it and enjoy the panoramic view from the water.

Location: Canberra, Australia.
Opening Hours: Accessible all hours.

5. National CarillonThe National Carillon is situated on Aspen Island in central Canberra. It is a large carillon managed and maintained by the National Capital Authority on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia. The British government gifted the Carillon to the people of Australia to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Canberra. We recommend you to include this in your Canberra Holiday Packages.

Location: Aspen Island, Central Canberra, Australia.

6. QuestaconQuestacon is a National Science and Technology center. It is an interactive science center that was opened in 1988. Professor Mike Gore developed it. It is a part of the Australian government with the Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research. We provide a visit to the Questacon.

Location: Parkes, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

7. The National Portrait GalleryCanberra city also has the Portrait Gallery, which provides a welcome modification after scrolling through the city the whole day. It surely will fascinate you. It consists of a variety of portraits. This shows the talent of the Nation's greatest artists. The Portrait Gallery must hold a place in your Canberra Trip as you would get to experience the Australian culture through the paintings.

Location: King Edward Terrace, Canberra 2600, Australia.
Opening Hours: Daily: 10 am - 5 pm; Closed Christmas Day.

8. Mount Majura VineyardThe Majura vineyard is one of the most popular attractions in Canberra. You would be pleasantly shocked by the standard and blends of their wines. You will noticeably enjoy the viniferous painter, Molli, and sweet Molli among the different wines available. It is a favored destination place added in the Canberra Packages. You will usually find a service space to show around the vineyard.

Location: RMB 314 Majura Rd, Fyshwick 2609, Australia.
Opening Hours: Thursday to Monday- 10 am to 5 pm: ANZAC Day: 12 pm-5 pm: Some days like Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, January 2nd and Good Friday closed.

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Which are the famous Things to do on Canberra Tour?

1. Parliament House TourThe building is iconic and breathtaking. It also has an amazing backdrop for your holiday snaps, especially at sunset. There are tours available every half an hour from 9 am to 5 pm. It is a spectacular way to discover the complicated and unique political system of Australia. There are plenty of Australian art on display within the building, a chance to explore the combination of art history and political history.

2. Fun Day at the National Zoo & AquariumAustralia’s only combined zoo and aquarium facility is located in Canberra. The Zoo Venture tours are pretty much fun. It includes feeding a bear, patting a rhino, hand-feeding a giraffe, etc. The tours cost just $125. It would be a choice to include it in your Canberra Packages. The facility also comes with the Jamala Wildlife Lodge, which permits deluxe accommodation and special safari services for visitors

3. Safari Tours at Namadgi National Park: It is located just 40km south of Canberra. The Namadgi National Park offers a wonderful day trip to explore the regional activities of animals. The park is home to various colorful birdlife, rugged granite mountains and a habitat for alpine meadows and lush forests. The park is also listed as one of eleven protected areas that form the Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves. The National Park is included in our Canberra Tour Packages, where we provide the one-day tour in the park.

4. Relax and rejuvenate in the National Botanic Gardens: Australia is famous for the wide range of flora and fauna, especially wildflowers. The National Botanic Gardens is a fantastic inclusion to your Canberra Tour Package because of the beauty of Australian plant life, along with their versatility. The Botanic Gardens are ideal for a relaxing walk or a picnic. The 45-minute bus tour of the Gardens is a popular activity as well.

5. Sports-mad with the AIS sports tour: Australia is famous as a sports-loving country. The Australian Institute of Sports should be on your Canberra Tour Package list if you are a mad sports lover. It is one of the most favorite tourist attractions in the capital with international and domestic visitors. The 90-minute tour is a great way to explore Australia's sporting past, present and future. It also provides the state-of-the-art interactive sports exhibit, Sportex.

6. Gentle Stroll through the Jerrabomberra Wetlands: These wetlands are located right in the heart of Canberra. It is an ideal place for a relaxing natural getaway. It is regarded as one of the ACT's best-kept secrets. These wetlands are homes to diverse birdlife, including migratory species from as far away as Japan, lush greenery and beautiful flowers. These wetlands also offer a platform for various cultural events throughout the year. The wetlands are a must inclusion in the Canberra Tour Packages for all nature lovers.

Canberra is Australia’s cultural capital as well. It is a classic retreat of experiences. It has an extraordinary legacy of art, history and cuisine ready to give you memories for a lifetime. Canberra also constitutes a range of beaches, rainforests and major cities, surf-bashed coastlines of the west, and is filled with the 50,000 years of Aboriginal culture. All these features contribute to it becoming one of the most popular destinations across the globe.

The best time to visit Canberra is between the Spring months from September to November. It is the ideal time to visit Canberra. If you visit Canberra during the spring season, you will also witness the festivities and the celebrations of the Floriade Festival.

Since there is no land connection with any mainland of Asia, the only way to reach Canberra from India is via boarding a flight. Australia being an island, is located right in the middle of two oceans. Thus, there are no roads or railway networks between the two countries. There are no cruise routes to travel from India to Canberra either.

You will need a visa to visit Canberra if you are travelling from India. Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you will need a valid visa to enter the country. New Zealand passport holders can get a visa after arriving in the country. All other passport holders must apply for a visa before leaving home.

The top purchases include jewelry, antiques and souvenirs. Canberra is home to an excellent range of daily and weekly markets. Most of them specialize in certain types of goods. Wentworth Avenue in Canberra is home to the Old Depot Flea Market, which is the most popular market in the city and the perfect place to get great deals and discounts.

Canberra is considered one of the safest cities globally, well below the national average in violent crime. However, we must remain beware and watchful to protect ourselves from becoming victims of crime.

The shortest flight distance between Canberra and Sydney is 153.42 miles (246.91 km). According to the route planner, the shortest route between Canberra and Sydney is 175.54 miles (282.51 km). The driving time would be approximately 3hr 27min.

It would take about three to four days to explore Canberra. It would be worth exploring the city in that period.

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Which are the best Beaches to visit in a Canberra Tour?

1. Kioloa Beach: The Kioloa Beach in Shoalhaven provides great natural activities and attractions. It is surrounded by pristine water and bushland. It is a popular swimming spot with families.

2. McKenzies Beach: The McKenzies Beach is a small, beautiful, undeveloped beach. But it is very popular with locals and visitors alike. It is a great spot for surfing or bodyboarding but beware of rips.

3. Pretty Beach: The Pretty Beach does justice to its name as it is surrounded by the luscious greenery of Murramarang National Park. Kangaroos and wildlife are common sights. The idyllic waters are also perfect for swimming.

4. Bawley Beach: The Bawley Beach is Located in the area of Bawley Point, Shoalhaven. It is surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty. It is dangerous for swimming, surfing, fishing and bushwalking.

Which are the best Historical Sites in Canberra?

1. Australian War MemorialIt was inaugurated in the middle of WWII. The massive Byzantine-style monument celebrating Australia's war fatalities is Canberra's most popular attraction.

2. National Library of Australia: The National Library of Australia is a treasure collection of Australian books, manuscripts, newspapers, historic documents, oral history, music, and pictures.

3. Mount Ainslie LookoutThe 843-meter Mount Ainslie lookout was built to appreciate the layout of this carefully planned capital. It is one of the city's most popular vantage points.

4. National Museum of Australia: The National Museum of Australia highlights the Nation's social history in a contemporary space with beautiful lake views. The building itself is a work of art.

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How is the Nightlife in Canberra?

1. Explore Lost Species at Mulligans Flat: The Mulligans Flat is a wildlife sanctuary that aims at protecting some of Australia's rare native nocturnal species. The twilight tours are the best chance to see these species active.

2. Bingo at Hopscotch: The Hopscotch gastropub in Braddon offers an expansive range of beer gardens, therefore, offering the perfect setting to sample their incredible range of whiskies, wines and craft beers on tap.

3. Canberra Theatre Centre: The Canberra Theatre Centre is located in the heart of the city’s Civic Square. It is an architectural monument that holds world-class performances to actors of all ages.

4. Nights at Mount Stromlo Observatory Society: It is located in Weston Creek. The Mount Stromlo Observatory and Canberra Astronomical Society host spectacular free public stargazing events for all to attend.

5. At Duck Nut’s: Struggling for plans on a Monday night in Canberra? Duck Nuts' weekly Monday trivia nights are the local favorite. This place has a wide range of amazing drinks and food to keep all your friends and family entertained.

What are the best activities and attractions in Australia that you can book via Thrillophilia?

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