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About Almaty

A bustling metropolis at the heart of Kazakhstan, Almaty was the cultural and trading capital of the land till 1997. The Central State Museum is a prominent landmark in the cityscape, with several hundreds of famed artefacts from Kazakh history. The Zenkov Cathedral in Panfilov Park is an orthodox church established by the Russians in the Tsarist Era. Walking along the picturesque roads of the city, the enigmatic traveller can come across graceful arches and spires, Neo-Russian in style. The city is a maze of architectural feats from prominent artisans like Paul Gourdet, Andrei Pavlovich Zenkov and many more. It is akin to walking through the pages of history, watching a grand civilization manifest into opulent architectural wonders at the peak of its success.

What attracts travellers and tourists is that the city retains its historically well-planned structures, with wide avenues, meticulously planned residential areas, and a profusion of scenic lakes and forested parks. The joy of walking along the winding roads, and discovering historical monuments hidden in plain view, is almost comparable to childlike wonder. Almaty is known not only for its beautiful sights but also for a variety of adventures that you can embark upon. Sitting on the shores and skipping stones on the Big Almaty Lake might serve as blissful relaxation, while the particularly adventurous souls can pay a visit to the Medeu Ski Resort and Skating Rink. The Kok-Tobe Hill and the White Mountains of Altyn-Emel are star attractions in Almaty. 

Almaty bears slight snowfall in the months of October to April. However, the snow is thin, and melts easily, causing almost no problems for the city-dwellers. The best time for tourism is June to September when the temperature remains a standard 20-30 degrees Celsius.

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