The Plain Of Jars, Xiangkhoang Plateau - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

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Monster stone jugs of obscure antiquated starting point are scattered over many square kilometers around Phonsavan, giving the territory the deceptive name of Plain of Jars. Truth be told it's no to a greater extent a plain than the rice-dish valleys at Muang Sing or Luang Namtha, and surely the vast majority of the inquisitive container destinations are on slopes. Be that as it may, also intriguing than the jugs themselves is the secret of which civilisation made them. Surprisingly, no one knows. In the mean time, a whimsical legend guarantees that they were made to mix boundless amounts of rice wine to praise the neighborhood individuals' sixth century freedom from unfeeling overlords by the Tai-Lao saint Khun Jeuam.

Highlights – Thong Hai Hin, Visit the MAG Information Centre opposite Craters restaurant, Stop at the excellent Plain of Jars visitor information centre.

Location - Laos

Entrance fee - US$ 1.30

Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

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