Shantaleswara Temple Overview

Another brilliant creation of the Hoysala, the Shantaleshwara Temple was built in the 12th century as a tribute to Lord Shiva. Housed in Halebidu, it is one of the most religious places to visit in Belur, and has two identical temples inside the complex, known as Shantaleshwara and Hoysaleshwara.

The temple is named after Queen Shantaladevi, wife of King Vishnuvaradhana Hoysala, both of whom are known to have been enshrined in the temple. One of the most striking characteristics of the temple is that its basal structure of the temple resembles a star!

Besides that, each temple is enriched by intricate carvings playing out various significant stories from Hindu mythology. If you appreciate architecture, the Shanatleshwara temple is a no-miss for you!

Distance from Belur: Shantaleswara Temple is located 17 km away from Belur.

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