Hoysala Mahotsava Overview

Held annually in the month of March or April, the Hoysala Mahotsav is a grand celebration of the rich Indian culture and heritage. It is a stellar festival of dance, art, and music, hosted against the glorious architecture of the Hoysala temples of Halebidu and Belur.

An experience that is truly one of its kind, the festival marks the beginning of a new season and celebrates it with a divine combination of music, dance, and art. Artists, both old and young, from all over the country flock to Halebidu every year to be a part of this epic festival.

This commemorative festival is held to honour the military achievements of the Hoysala King, and is a prestigious event for Hindus. There is also a great feast that follows the dance gala! If you’re a connoisseur of the various forms of art and dance, this festival is a must-see!

Distance from Belur: Haledidu sits about 17 km away from Belur.

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