Munger Raj Mandir Overview
Found in the epicenter of the city, Munger Raj Mandir is a temple made by Sadhu Maharaja and his family. Built-in 1932, the temple is visited by a number of tourists from across the globe throughout the year.

The temple is festooned upon with a number of lush tropics inclusive trees of kadamba leading to the main shrine with idols of Radha Mohanji (an avatar of Lord Krishna) and his Gopis (female associates) that involves Lalita, Campakalata, Chitra and Vishakha.

Developed to deliver a peaceful ambiance with positive energy, Munger Raj Mandir is a distinct place. Aarti's are also a constant in the temple, particularly the 4:00 AM pooja in the morning. 

Location: NH2-Bhuteshwar Rd, Kishor Pura, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

- Darshan - 7.15 AM to 11.00 AM 
- Aarti and Raj bhog - 12:00 PM -12.30 PM
- Darshan - 04.30 PM - 08:00 PM

Best Time to Visit: October to March
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