Birala Waterfalls Overview
The Birala Waterfalls, also known locally as the Birla Waterfalls, is one of the major Valparai attractions in the area. The Birala Waterfall is located 2 km from Valparai, in the Solaiyar region. The stream of this waterfall originates in the springs located in the Grass Hills of the Valparai Ranges and is fed by the perennial Nadumalai River, which flows through Valparai.

The Birala Waterfall is a very popular tourist destination for its scenic natural beauty and is a great location for avid photographers.

Location: Valparai, Tamil Nadu - 642117 

Price: INR 15 for entry

Timing: Monday to Sunday (8:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Best Time to Visit: The preferable months of visiting the Birala Waterfall is February, March, April and May if you want to experience the full splendour of the falls. The volume of the water generally remains very low to almost dry, between June to January, so it is advisable that you don’t visit during this time.
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