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Traveller Tales from Haryana


Mehak Mahanoori

17 October 2016

Amazing experience! kudos to the team!

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Chatur Tandon

10 October 2015

this was a different and exciting activity to get into. We had a really fun and awesome time. The most important thing was, the safety gears and measurements were top class.It was a smooth experience a



11 October 2018

This was a wonderful experience. It is toyally safe and at the same time very exciting and thrilling as well. Sunil is very good and makes everyone feel safe and enjoy the whole time.


Anamika Shastri

19 October 2017

"amazing experience and would love to go again !!!"


Puneet Sinha

19 May 2016

This is an amazing adventure for all those who wants a thrill in air, so if you are bored of land and water like me, than this what you can experience. i was feeling like a flying bird when i was up in


Satyen Asan

12 May 2016

Thanks to our expert guide and th pilot under whose guidance we enjoyed this aerial fun for the first time , so whether you are doing this for the first time or for the last time it is quite an easy an


Rajendra Saini

28 December 2015

A much needed escape from the dull and dreary landscapes of the city. Had a great time spending a get together with family.


Anusuya Gowda

24 September 2015

One should maintain all safety measure before starting their flight in Sohna, though it is an easy trip but you may feel uncomfortable while going up since i was afraid initially but the trained pilots...


Gopaal Devar

17 September 2015

When i was a kid i always had a desire to fly like a bird and never expected that my dream will come true one day , yes i was not on any chopper or plane , it was like a flying a motor bike up in the a...

Most Popular Places Around Haryana

What You Should Know More About Haryana

  • Q. Travel advice

    • You can travel to Chandigarh and Gurgaon by air, rail, and bus. Haryana is a small state, and most of the cities and towns can be reached on road by car or bus.

    • Even when eating out in restaurants and eateries in Haryana, carry a packaged bottle with you. The drinking water at most of these places might not be clean and filtered.

    • Avoid eating street foods as it is unhygienic and can lead to stomach upsets.

    • Especially, be careful while choosing an eating joint for non vegetarian foods.

    • When travelling to places of higher altitudes, you might experience travel sickness. Take precautions and keep travel sickness pills along with you.

    • Never keep your baggage unattended at any place in Haryana.

    • Keep all of your travel documents locked in the hotel room.

    • Carry all the valuables and cash along with you. Do not bring a lot of precious jewelry when travelling.

    • Do not open your wallet exposing cash in front of taxi and auto drivers.

    • The busy streets of Haryana are thronged with pick pockets. So, be careful while travelling or walking on busy streets.

    • Do not be over friendly with anyone, including those at the hotel or travel agency.

    • Even if you are accompanying woman, do not travel alone in the night, or wander in the streets alone.

    • Enter religious places in ethnic dress only and avoid PDA’s in public or religious places.

    • Never accept any edibles or drinks offered by strangers.

  • Q. Drinking law

    You are not allowed to drink in public places or places of religion. You can only drink in pubs and bars.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Gardens, parks, and sanctuaries

    In Chandigarh, you can visit the rock garden, Butterfly Park, Rose garden, Terraced and Yadvinder garden, garden of fragrance, and leisure valley. In Gurgaon, you can visit the Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary, Damdama Lake, Aapno Ghar Amusement Park, and Shikhar Adventure Park. In Kurukshetra you can visit the Brahma Sarovar and Sannihit Sarovar for sightseeing.

    Trekking, adventure, and camping

    In the Panchakula district of Haryana, you can find many camping and trekking sites on Morni Hills. You can go on boat rides, take a look at the Himalayan views, lake views, trek in the nearby sites in this sleepy village. You can also go rock climbing, hand gliding, bird watching, and taking a glimpse of the wild life. You are likely to find turtle doves, bulbuls, quails, and many other migratory birds. Water sports like, canoeing, kayaking, and river rafting are available at this spot.

    Temples and historical sites

    In Gurgaon, you can visit the Badshahpur Fort,  Sheesh Mahal, Farrukh Nagar Fort, and amusement and theme parks like, Kingdom of Dreams. Kurukshetra has been one of the most popular destinations for pilgrimage since ancient times. You can visit the Bhadrakali Temple and Birla mandir here. You can also visit Jyotisar Birthplace of Bhagavad Gita. At Panipat, you can visit the Old Fort and Devi Mandir. At Ambala, you can visit the Sis Ganj Gurudwara, Badshahi Bag Gurudwara, and Holy Redeemer Church. At Karnal, you can visit the Karnal Fort and Lake. There are many places of historical significance that are spread throughout the cities and towns of Haryana.

    Lakes, palaces, museums, and tombs

    You can visit the Sheikh Chehlli Tomb, Sri Krishna museum, and Dharohar Haryana Museum in Kurukshetra. At Panipat, you can visit Fort Of Prithviraj, Gujri Mahal, Feroze Shah Palace, and Lat Ki Masjid. At Faridabad, which is one of the biggest cities in Haryana, you can visit the Badkhal Lake, Peacock Lake, and Dhauj Lake and the Raja Nahar Singh Palace. At Morni Hills, which is a popular camping and trekking site, you can visit the Tikkar Taal Lake.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Sightseeing historical monuments and pilgrimage

    There are many sites from the Hindu epic Mahabharata that are a part of this State. You can get a complete view of the ancient history of India in this part, insight into previous rulers, and visit forts, and tombs in Haryana. This is the birth place of Bhagwat Gita. Surrounding many forts and tombs are lakes that give a serene and a scenic view; a great site for photographers.

    Art, culture, and heritage

    You will love to learn about the cultural history of this state over many centuries. This state has one of the many oldest sites that depict the stories of war and life in ancient times. All the temples are esoteric and are revered across various Hindu, Sikh, and Punjabi communities. Jats are the communities that are populated in this land. You can know about their culture, food, living, and more by visiting any place in this state.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination


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    Wetland Birds of Haryana by Tirshem Kumar Kaushik and Rohtash Chand Gupta