Things to Do in Bolivia

A magnificent, almost untouched country, with a landscape so diverse that it takes your breath away, Bolivia is South America’s hidden gem. Located in the heart of South America, the country gets the best of all the worlds that the continent has to offer. The rugged Andes mountains border it on one end while the austere Atacama Desert covers a large part of the land and the Amazon forest enriches it with its natural diversity. Life thrives happily in this small country which believes that nature has the same rights as human beings, and treats it accordingly.

Several grand natural landmarks make it to the top of Bolivia’s attractions. Foremost in these attractions is the sweeping mirror-clear Lake Titicaca, a large and deep lake nestled between the mountains on the Bolivia-Peru border. One of the best things to do in Bolivia is Sailing and boating aplenty takes place on the lake and diverse birds and beasts inhabit the environs. There are many islands inside the lake that delight with their quaint location and their leisurely ambience. Culturally rich Taquile is an interesting place to spend a day in while Isla del Sol makes for a serene and solitary retreat. While you are touring the lake, also make sure to visit the ancient city of Tiwanaku near it. The austerely magical Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world, is another must-visit.

Bolivia is a hiker’s delight. There are several grand mountains around Bolivia that feature great trekking trails and reveal spellbinding views. These include Chacaltaya, Nevado Sajama, Illimani and Huayna Potosí among others. You can also hike the trails around the Sajama National Park, Muela del Diablo, Tariquía Flora and Fauna National Reserve, and Valle de la Luna.

Of the best things to do in Bolivia, exploring the cities is also a fantastic adventure. Not only are the plazas around La Paz enjoyable places to shop and eat in, they also have inspiring architecture that you can immerse yourselves in. The Witches Market in La Paz is also an interesting market where you will get a fair dose of the country culture, and find yourselves walking away with bags laden with dried llama foetuses, dried frogs and healing potions sold by the local witch doctors. Bolivia is indeed a country full of interesting sights and sounds.

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