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Ulaanbaatar Tour Packages are plenty in number to pick from as per your desire. These packages have much to offer. As the capital city of Mongolia is just about as old as it gets, and very important to the country’s finances, it is very well maintained. All the amenities enjoyed by the people there are multiplied a tenfold and provided to tourists. In Mongolian History, there had been many famous cities built to serve as a capital city, such as the city of Kharakhorum at the time of the 13th century Mongolian Empire. But not even one of these cities prevailed as an active capital up until the time of the 16th Century. Along with Lamaism being actively introduced in Mongolia from the early 16th Century, establishments that were permanently monastic in their views started popping up with a timeline parallel to that of flourishing Tibetan Buddhism.

Of much significance, the residential palace of the first leader of the spirituality of Mongolia, called Zanabazar also known as Jebtsundamba Khutuktu, was built in 1649.This is also considered the date on which the capital, Ulaanbaatar was founded. Initially, Ulaanbaatar was called Ikh  Khuree, which literally translates to, “Large circle”, because the city is circular in shape. It has changed locations about 20 times, going around the central part of Mongolia, and settled down in the current location in 1778.The many monuments in this place make it a must visit for anybody who likes to sightsee. If anyone wants a quiet vacation or an only-friends bachelor, then Ulaanbaatar is the place for them. And even though it seems like a place that one wants to go to, the place is just right for a short honeymoon, or a lovers’ escapade. But Ulaanbaatar will be very much liked by you. So, go ahead and avail Ulaanbaatar tour packages.

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Ulaanbaatar Tour faqs

What are the famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Ulaanbaatar?

Blessed that it is, with all that is good, Ulaanbaatar has been graced by so many hundreds of monuments, structures, etc, these structures add up to result in having the best sightseeing tours. The best sightseeing tour in Ulaanbaatar are:

  •    Gandantegchinlen Monastery
  •    Chenrezig Temple
  •    Migjid Janraisig Sum
  •    Gandan Monastery
  •    Manzushir Monastery
  •    Dash Shaolin Monastery
  •    Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
  •    Aryabal Meditation Temple
  •    Geser Sum Monastery
  •    Genghis Khan Statue Complex
  •    Zaisan Memorial
  •    Statue of Marco Polo
  •    Sanjaasuren Gain Zorig Statue
  •    Buddha Park
  •    Silk Road Complex Monument
  •    Balingian Tserendorj Statue
  •    Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal Statue
  •    Khorloogiin Choibalsan Statue
  •    Beatles Square
  •    Altai Bighorn Statue
  •    Byamba Rinchen Statue
  •    Monument of "Come Along My Little Buddy" Song.
  •    The Project for Rehabilitation of Railway Facilities
  •    Government Palace

Which are the most adventurous trekking tours in Ulaanbaatar?

Ulaanbaatar, the present-day capital of the country of Mongolia, is full of rocky terrains and forests to battles. Being in such an environment, having no trekking utilities would be a total waste. The many adventurous activities include trekking, hiking, camping, watching traditional dances, other performances. The most adventurous trekking tours in Ulaanbaatar:

  •    Mongolia Expeditions and Tours
  •    Adventure Rider Mongolia
  •    Tour Mongolia
  •    Stone Horse Expeditions and Travels
  •    Selena Travel Mongolia
  •    Orkhon Waterfall
  •    Nomadic Mongolia
  •    Wild Mongolia
  •    Mongolia Steppe Adventure
  •    Mongolia in the footsteps of The Nomad
  •    Mongolia Experience

Where can one enjoy Horse safari in Ulaanbaatar?

The vast city of Ulaanbaatar is beautiful, with conditions exactly right for activities such trekking and hiking. But along with these, the city also rules when it comes to the activities such as horse riding and camel riding. The many places to go in and around Mongolia facilitates Horse Safari. One can enjoy Horse Safari in Ulaanbaatar in:

  •    Semi Gobi Tour which includes lunch and one day free horseback or camel ride
  •    Terelj National Park Tour on Horseback or Camel ride
  •    Full day horseback ride to the historical Temple in Mongolia
  •    One day Horseback or camelback riding to Manzushir Monastery which includes lunch
  •    Horse riding on Magnolia Steppe Adventure
  •    Horse Riding on the way to the Orkhon Waterfall

Which are the best monasteries to visit in Ulaanbaatar?

With the activities of trekking, hiking and camping over and done with it, the best part of Ulaanbaatar are its rivers and its monasteries. These monasteries are decorated, with beautiful carvings and glitzy headers on the entrances. The best monasteries to visit in Ulaanbaatar are:

  •    Bogd Khan Palace
  •    Gandan Monastery
  •    Erdene-Zuu
  •    Karakorum
  •    Shankh monastery
  •    Tuvhun monastery
  •    monastery Uvgun (Old temple)
  •    Manzhir Khid
  •    Erdenezuu monastery
  •    Tovkhon Monastery
  • Khamrin Khiid Monastery
  •    Ongi Monastery
  •    Baldan Bereeven Monastery
  •    Budar Stone Monastery
  •    Aglag Buteel Monastery
  •    Amabayasgalant Monastery
  •    Khukh Burd Monastery
  •    Khogno Khan Monastery
  •    Ovgon
  •    Shankh

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