Tehri Tourism, India 2020 (50 Tours & Activities)

Tehri is one place in Uttarakhand which oozes charm from every part of it. With an abundance of magnificent and glorious locations, this place is definitely a treasure trove. It is an ideal place to explore the scenic beauty of Uttarakhand, which is renowned all over the world.

Alluring sites of divine temples, Asia’s largest dam, and the picturesque mountain peaks would enlighten your soul for peaceful vibes. Also, the incredible trekking experience at the Khatling Glacier would offer beautiful view of the mighty Himalayas.

Witnessing the mighty Tehri Dam in all its glory would be a moment to savor for a lifetime. This place is well-known for boating and sightseeing pleasures. Seeking the divine blessings at the Chandrabadni temple in Tehri would harmonize your soul.

This stunning temple is set at 2277 meters from the ground level and is dedicated to the Goddess Sati. On your trip to Tehri, you can also witness one of the most illustrious hill stations in India, Dhanual, that flaunts scenic locations adjacent to the mighty Himalayas.

Covered with the essence of Alpine forest, visiting this location is a moment to cherish for a lifetime. You can also visit the Eco parks such as Amber and Dhara for a visual treat. Few more scenic spots like Thangdhar trek are bliss for enthralling activities like camping and hiking. Also, Dhanaulti here holds some exclusive apple orchards from where you can pick the freshest apples.

Devalsari is another major spot in Tehri covered with luscious greenery. If in Tehri for an incredible trekking and camping experience, then Khatling Glacier is an ideal place with challenging tasks for all trekking enthusiasts.

Camping and bonfire activities in the luscious forests are one experience that is part and parcel of this scintillating place. Another place that is ideal for solace and harmony is Chamba, which is renowned for its deodar and pine tree composition. Also, Bageshshwar Mahadev temple is a must-visit for divine blessings of the almighty.

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16 June 2016
We had a wonderful trekking experience in this beautiful region surrounded by the lofty himalayan mountains. The camp was set in a fabulous location right next to the river which helped us relax late in the evening after a tiring day. The tents were very comfortable. Great experience.