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About Taraz

After Turkestan and Nur-Sultan, Taraz is the third fastest growing country in Kazakh. It is located on the banks of the Talas river, in close vicinity to the Kyrgyzstan border. Taraz is one of the oldest cities with its history dating back to the medieval period. It is believed that Taraz actively took part in trades with Asian countries via the silk routes. During the excavations in and around the city, innumerable artifacts were found including chest ornaments, bronze statues, caves, and others. All these discoveries proved that Taraz spurred to life before the 1st century BC.

Tara being an ancient city has a lot to offer. Along the silk road, you can visit the Aisha-Biwi mausoleum. The Karahan mausoleum is the house of different ceramic artifacts gathered from excavations. If you want to discover the royal culture of Taraz, the Akyrtas Palace Complex will be an ideal place to start from.

After a tiring day, having some leisure time in Zhengis Park sounds immaculate. For satisfying your hunger and delving into Taraz's unusual culture, the Asti Bar will be a nice place. For those who love shopping, the Shakhristan market should be there in your itinerary. Taraz is seated at a 628-meter height from sea level which is why it experiences a cool climate during summer and chilly weather coupled with rainfall in the winter.

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